Dirty Works You Soft Touch Hand Cream and Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub - review


Dirty Works is one of those brands I never would have tried (or heard of, at least for a while) if I wasn't subscribed to Bellabox. I picked up the hand cream because it was the cheapest product on the list of 'free shipping' items one month - essentially meaning that if I paid the extra $5.95 for it, I wouldn't pay shipping and would save a few bucks (waahhoooo!). Gets me every time ; ).

Dirty works products are available in the Bellabox shop.

The body scrub I picked up in the supermarket last week because I'd just about finished my body scrub and was ready for a replacement. It was on clearance at Coles (down to $4), so I snapped it up. Happily (and this was like, the most exciting thing that happened to me all week haha), Coles hadn't recorded that it was on sale and it swiped in at $8 - which meant that, when I disputed the price and they checked and confirmed the $4 tag, I got it...


OMG. All my Christmases.

Dirty Works Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub (RRP $7.95 for 200ml)

To me, this is the better of the two products. It's not the best scrub I've ever used (but then, what can you expect at that price?) but it does the job well. I find that some body scrubs just aren't scrubby enough and don't exfoliate as promised. This one does. After use my skin feels nice and clean and new. It doesn't have the best texture - a bit runny and doesn't feel like an expensive product, if that makes sense - but who cares if it does the job. I'd also prefer it to have a nice refreshing smell (clean smells always fool you into feeling cleaner, I reckon) - it smells faintly soapy but I think they could do better with the fragrance.

Dirty Works says:
  • Energising body scrub exfoliant
  • Reveals softer, petal-smooth skin
  • Buffs away dead skin cells 
  • Nourishes with shea butter, sweet almond oil and Vitamin E

Does the scrub live up to these claims? Absolutely. If you're on a budget and need a scrub that does the job, I'd definitely give this a crack.

Dirty Works You Soft Touch Hand Cream (RRP $5.95 for 100ml)

I've almost finished this tube now and both my husband and I have given it a good go. We both think it's ok but not great, and much prefer other hand creams. Having said this, it's pretty good for the price and, in my opinion, makes a much better body cream. While it's not moisturising enough for my hands (especially in winter), it's rich enough to make your body feel nice and smooth - particularly after using the scrub or shaving your legs.

Dirty Works says:
  • Ultra-nourishing and moisturising hand cream
  • Attacks dry skin with a blend of hydration rich cocoa butter and jojoba oil
  • Suitable for any part of skin that requires a little bit of tender loving moisture
  • For petal-smooth skin

They like the 'petal-smooth' line, don't they?! Ha. Does it live up to these claims? Yes and no. It's definitely moisturising, but doesn't pack enough punch for my hands - and my hands aren't even that dry. As mentioned, I would however recommend it as a body cream. For a hand cream, you're better off forking out a little more and buying something from eg the MOR range.

In sum

Decent, good value products. The scrub is better than the hand cream, but both are reasonable. If you're low on pennies, don't discount these products.

Have you tried anything from this brand? If so, what did you think? One of Dirty Works' body butters is also on sale at Coles at the mo, and I've considered buying it if I can't find something else I want to try in the lower price range. Has anyone used one of the body butters and, if so, what are your thoughts?

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