Cheap online discovery - Rouche Boutique: Lime Crime, Shanghai Suzy, Sweetpea & Fay and more!

So while I was looking for good deals on a couple of Shanghai Suzy lipsticks (with the requirement that I really REALLY didn't want to have to pay shipping), I stumbled across Rouche Boutique.

There I found...wait for it...Shanghai Suzy lipsticks for $11.60 each and SweetPea & Fay ones for $9.50!


You can also get a 10% off introductory discount when you sign up for RB's newsletter, and free shipping for orders over $50 (NB: if your order is over $50 prior to adding a discount code, you should still qualify for free shipping.)

Do note that I have been in touch with RB, so this post contains affiliate links. Doesn't mean the company doesn't have some of the cheapest prices in the Oz market though ; )

Stocked brands include: 
  • Sugarpill Cosmetics 
  • Eye of Horus 
  • Shadow Shields 
  • Erin Bigg Cosmetics 
  • Beauty Blender 
  • Lime Crime 
  • Sigma Beauty 
  • Z Palette 
  • Shanghai Suzy 
  • Concrete Minerals 
  • Saucebox Cosmetics 
  • Red Cherry 
  • DUO 
  • Cate Ruby

From the looks of things, Rouche Boutique frequently runs sales and discounts - so it's probably worth signing up to its newsletter or at least keeping an eye on the website for bargains.

Also, I contacted RB with a question about my order and someone got back to me straight away. Looks like my order also hit Aus Post on the same day I made it. That's decent service - something that's becoming more and more important as the online vendor market continually expands.

So happy with my discovery, and can't wait for my package to arrive!

Does anyone else have any good online vendors they use? I'd love to hear : )

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