Half-price Maybelline haul - Priceline

I walked past Priceline yesterday and saw that this deal was still on, so thought I'd post about it in case it's continuing today and anyone else is interested.

In short, Maybelline went on sale at 50 per cent off on Friday and the deal apparently runs until stocks last (Priceline did say it might end on Monday but it seems to still be going).

I'd gone into Priceline specifically to buy the Fit Me Liquid Foundation, which I'd had my eye on for a couple of months as an alternative to the Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation I'll finish soon enough (see my review here). A rainy day had arrived so it was time to purchase it. Since I had a $20 voucher, I knew I'd have enough to buy it and then some left over for makeup remover pads (which I didn't buy in the end - had much more important purchases to make hehe).

I couldn't believe it when I saw the 50 per cent off sale started that day! It was like the gods had spoken. Fortunately I was (relatively) restrained and, with the voucher, ended up spending less than $18 - plus the products I chose had been on my list of things to try as I finished things and wanted to open something new. 

Note: I won't open and review the below products at this point - I just wanted to let you know about the sale : )

I bought:
  • 2 x Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows at $5.97 each
  • Fit Me Powder at $7.45
  • Fit Me Liquid Foundation at $9.47
  • Colour Elixir Lip Colour in Vision in Violet at $8.97


I bought shade 220 in the liquid foundation, which I've tested a bundle of times over the past couple of months - it suits me well and you can't really tell I'm wearing anything. Can't wait to open it.

The powder I wouldn't have otherwise bought, but I did some Google searches prior to purchase and it looked like it would suit my skin (unfortunately there were no testers for these powders). Girls with oilier skin have complained that this doesn't help manage oil, but since my skin tends towards dryness and powder often dries it out, this looked like a product that would work for me. Fingers crossed!

Note: the numbers are meant to match up, so if you're a 220 in the liquid foundation, then you're a 220 in the powder. I don't think that's right - the 220 powder looked far too pale and the 225 only dark enough at a pinch. I had to get a Priceline assistant to help me choose between three colours - to do this I grabbed the tester of Revlon's Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in my colour (see my review here), and we held the Fit Me powders up against that and picked the one that looked closest. Fortunately we agreed on the colour!

I've been wanting to try these Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows for AGES. So many bloggers and makeup buffs rave about these, and I'd never tried them because I have enough in the cream eyeshadow department and didn't want to overload myself with product.

While I didn't really need these, at $5.97 each I did well to limit myself to two ; ). Plus I don't have any eyeshadows (cream or otherwise) in these shades - I have a couple of darker purples and greens that I've either bought or received in subscription boxes, but nothing that's close to either. 

Yes, I've indeed fallen for crazy purple lips (see my recent purchase of the amazing Sportsgirl - yes, Sportsgirl - purple lipstick I bought here). If I can limit myself to just these two purchases, that'll be an amazing achievement after how nuts I went in the coral/orange department (!).

I have tested this one before and absolutely loved it (I actually had to choose between this and the Sportsgirl lipstick when I bought that one, and went for the Sportsgirl version only because it was cheaper). At half-price, I couldn't walk past this. These products are wonderfully shiny and plumping and, again, I did well to limit myself to only one.

That's it! Did anyone else stumble across this sale and did you pick up some steals?

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