Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator in 200 Pink Light - review


I received this product last year in Lust Have It's Bridal Party Box (RRP $50), a good-value package that contains:
  • INIKA Mineral Illuminator RRP$45
  • REVLON PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator RRP $29.95
  • MODELCo Gel Eyeliner with inbuilt brush RRP $26
  • C9 Moisturising Hand Mask RRP $4.50
  • APPELLES Bath Caviar Amber & Patchouli RRP $24.95
  • PAULA'S CHOICE Blotting Paper RRP $15
  • SKINDINAVIA Makeup Finishing Spray RRP $14
  • WOTNOT Facial Wipes RRP $7.95
  • MACROLASH Mascara RRP $39.95
  • HAPPY SKINCARE 'Pig-in-Mud' Mineral Masks Trial Pack with Brush RRP $12

Not a bad little bundle! It's available for purchase here.

The Revlon illuminator was one of the better products in the box, and one I got lots of use from. While it's not the best illuminator I've used, it's a decent product for the price and one I'd consider purchasing if I could get it on special (because I'm a specials junkie ; ) ).

Revlon claims:
  • A lightweight, sheer illuminator that instantly brightens skin
  • Can be worn below, above or mixed with your foundation
  • Enhances skin without covering it up
  • Boosts skin's natural luminosity
  • Minimises flaws
  • Enhances skin with a hint of colour
  • Protects skin from environment
  • Translucent photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light so skin looks radiant and flawless in any light
  • Oil free

Product details:
  • Available in three versatile shades for a variety of skintones
  • RRP $29.95 for 30ml 
  • Shelf-life is 24 months once opened

See wrist swatches, unblended above and blended below. Note that it's a runny product, so be careful of squeezing too much out. 

While the colour is fine on me and nice and sheer, I would have picked the bronze shade if I'd had an option. The third colour option is 'bare', a nude shade. For more details, see Revlon's website.

You can see the whole luminous thing happening above : ). The only thing I'll say about this is that, while finely milled, the glitter particles are noticeable if you look closely enough. I'd prefer a sheen, rather than little dots. But these aren't the most noticeable bits of glitter I've seen.


I'd say this product does live up to its claims, although I'm not sure how it protects skin from the environment. It adds a beautiful, sheer sheen, is nice and runny (so you don't end up applying it too thickly) and does the job well.

I wouldn't wear it alone though, at least on my face - I reckon you'd look too shiny. I add some to my primer and put foundation or BB cream over the top for one of those fabled 'lit from within' glows. It has good staying power and the tube will last ages because you only need a little to get the desired effect.

I also put some on my collarbones for definition, and in summer I apply it to the tops of my shoulders and maybe my legs too. Just for fun : )

As mentioned, while this isn't the best illuminator I've tried, it's certainly a decent one for the price. I might look out for sales and see if I can pick up the bronze colour in future. 

Ticks from me!

Do you have a favourite liquid illuminator?

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