Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel - review

Can't believe it's taken me so long to post about this one - without question THE BEST face mask I have EVER tried. My golly it's that good.

At $69 for 60g it's an expensive purchase, but if you save up your Bellabox points and wait for specials, you can get it for less. To be honest it's worth the $69 anyway: you're paying the same for this as you would a high-end foundation, and this lasts longer and makes your skin look better on its own. Plus there's nothing comparable on the market - not that I've found anyway.

I liked this so much that I waited and waited for another 30% off sale so I could purchase a back-up product for when this one's done (as it will be in another month or so, but it's lasted me almost a year thus far). With the addition of a free shipping item and the use of 200 points, it wasn't so hard on my wallet - woot woot!

Cellilux claims:
  • Clay and glacial water deeply hydrate and cleanse
  • Exfoliating properties remove impurities
  • Fruit extracts protect against environmental damage 
  • Suitable for all skin; face and body
  • Provides an alternative to acids and damaging chemicals
  • Contains a specially structured water that deeply penetrates your skin for intense hydration, and special minerals that detoxify your skin by bringing impurities to its surface
  • Those minerals actually work with your DNA, instructing your skin to activate youth-bringing processes such as collagen production
  • Lifts away the detritus that's been cleansed from deep within for skin that glows and is devoid of clogged pores
  • Contains natural catalytic molecules that are negatively charged, and that are able to draw positively charged bacteria and impurities lodged deep within the skin as well as neutralising free radicals
  • RRP $69 AUD, but do shop around

The mask isn't easy to get your hands on in many countries. Fortunately we can buy it in the Bellabox shop.

Below you can see that it goes on darker and dries a little paler. Note that you might experience a slight tingling sensation when the mask is applied (this is apparently due to the reaction between the negatively charged ions), but this sensation should fade away in a few minutes. You leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.


While I can't prove what Cellilux says about the negatively charged ions and what have you, I can say without question that this mask does what it claims to do. It does wonders for the look of my skin - exfoliates, re-surfaces and has a plumping and smoothing effect. I absolutely love it and can't rave about it enough.

For me, face masks don't normally do much except make my skin look and feel a little nicer after use (and many don't even achieve that). This product is different. It's the first mask I've come across that has any real and lasting impact, and even after trying heaps of products, I reckon it remains the best of its kind.

What else is there to say?!

I really really hope you get an opportunity to try it : )

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Unknown said...

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