Holiday beauty bundle - August 2014


I've gone away for a week or so (long as I can manage, depending on how work looks for the next little while) and decided it was high time to dust off a few products I haven't been using or would like to open. Some of those have come from subscription boxes and others have been given to me, and I haven't had the 'space' to work them into my routine.

There's little I hate more than seeing my stash grow beyond manageable levels (happens so easily, when you're signed up to a subscription box or three and/or have collected some 'back ups' of favourite products when they've been on sale); and while things aren't too out of control at the moment (yet!), I would like to make room in my stash and make sure September's empties post is nice and full : )

In this post I'll comment on what I've brought with me, and over the next couple of weeks I'll update it and let you know what I thought of each item. Excited! (Hey, it's the small things...)

John Plunkett Glyco Peel (RRP $29.99 for 15ml)

This one turned up in our June 2014 Lust Have It women's boxes. I've been looking forward to trying it, but I have an Alpha-H glyco product on the go at home and can't use both at once (they're too heavy duty for that). Since this is a small product, it made sense to bring this instead of the 100ml Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

A night-time glyco exfoliator, this aims to exfoliate the skin's outer layer as you sleep to remove old, dull skin. It's suitable for all skin types; however frequency of use depends on your skin type (eg, use more for oily skin and less for dry). I'll probably use it every second night (my skin is somewhere between normal and dry at the moment) and then rest it for a week as suggested in the instructions. Looking forward to seeing how it works!

Foltene Eyelash Treatment (RRP $20.95 for 10ml)

This showed up in our August Violet Boxes and I'm excited to give it a go - I'm totally up for something that can promote natural eyelash growth, and that's safe for sensitive eyes and dermatologically tested. You apply it morning and night like a mascara. I'll have to remember to take before and after shots of my eyelashes so we can track any difference in length.

Bobbi Brown Mini Brush Set

This was given to me about fifteen(!) years ago by one of my aunts for Christmas. Since I only became beauty obsessed three years ago, it got tossed to the back of one of my drawers - but I've kept it all this time. Glad I did!

I've used these brushes a bit over the years but tend to go for the larger ones I own since I find those easier to handle. But these are great brushes from a great brand and it's high time I gave them some proper use. Since this collection is so old, I could only see one comparable set online (see here): the case looks similar and the brushes do too, though there's only three in that set and this one contains five. Let's see if I can finally make the most of these brushes.

Marsk Eyeshadow Brush (RRP $28.95)

This showed up in our August Lust Have It women's boxes and I wanted to bring it so I could review it. It's a very light brush, which I don't like - I'd prefer there to be some weight to it. Kind of makes it feel cheap, even though it's probably not. It's designed to create the perfect eye look. I'll have a play and let you know what I think.

Clarins Extra-firming Body Care Rich Replenishing Cream (RRP $66 for 200ml)

The two above products (and the two below ones) were given to me by Mum, bless her. A Clarins lover for most of her life, she often winds up with products she's not using or doesn't need/like (eg from gift sets etc). Since she had some extras and wanted to offload them, I was the lucky recipient! I do like Clarins products so I'm super happy to give this and the others a burl. This cream aims to firm and revitalise skin and targets visible lines for a more defined silhouette. Yaysers.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Bath & Shower Gel (RRP $29.95 for 200ml)

I bought the 100ml fragrance of this in December last year from Priceline for the grand total of $15 and really liked it - so much so that it's all gone! Happy to try out the gel, which is apparently rich and foam-er-ful (that's SO a word), cleansing and hydrating. Cool. If it smells like the fragrance, I'll be happy.

Clarins Super Restorative Replenishing Comfort Mask (RRP $80 for 75 ml)

Another one from Mum. This aims to firm, tighten and define facial contours, restoring a youthful vitality to mature skin challenged by natural hormonal changes due to the ageing process. Hmmm. Might not be the right product for a 34-year-old?! Hoh well, can't do any harm I suppose. It contains mango oil, shea butter and pueraria lobata to strengthen weakened skin and minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by daily stress. Cool bananas.

Clarins Super Restorative Serum (RRP $165 for 30ml)

Oh dear, another one for mature age skin hehe. This is meant to boost skin's beauty after age 50, and apparently helps replenish, lift and renew skin challenged by natural hormonal changes due to the ageing process. It also aims to provide tired, lacklustre skin with a boost of concentrated radiance and vitality as it replenishes, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Well look, while I'm not over 50, I am indeed hormonal - I'm up the farken duff. So maybe I qualify?!

Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy (RRP $18 for 6oz)

This one came in our August Violet Boxes and I've used it a couple of times. It's listed as a rich cream that goes on smoothly and restores much-needed moisture. Certainly feels like it achieves this. The question is whether, by the end of the little sample pot, it has enough punch to knock Burt's Bees Almond & Milk hand cream off the top of my list of favourite heavy-duty hand creams.

Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment (RRP $4.99 for 25ml)

I'd be surprised if you haven't heard of this one - even if you haven't tried it. It's one of those products you can't really avoid; it's a cult product that's talked about throughout the beauty world and there always seems to be crates of it sitting near the counter at Priceline and Chemist Warehouse - usually on special. 

I know a lot of women who swear by this (it's described as 'a local topical application for boils, burns, chafings, open wounds, insect bites and nappy rash') and use it on chapped lips and dry skin. Since I happily don't have any of those things going on at the moment (touch wood!), it hasn't been getting any use. I'm going to use it as a foot cream.

Glamourflage Jane Gem Primer (RRP $22.95 for 8.5ml)

This primer turned up in an LHI box yonks ago and I've done a full review of it here. I used it for a couple of weeks back in July and I'm about halfway through the product already (!). I thought I'd bring it away with me because it's a nice travel size. I'll comment more as I rediscover it over the next week or so.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil (RRP $22 for 1.4g)

This aims to brighten and visibly lift your eyes when applied on the browbone, dark circles, blemishes and red spots. A multi-purpose pencil, it can also be used to brighten and 'open' the eye area by applying it to the water line and inner corners of the eye. Also, applying a thin, blended line down the centre of the nose creates the illusion of a thinner nose. 

Apparently you can also use it to eliminate dark shadows and prevent lipstick spread by applying it to the Cupid’s bow and along the lip line. Lots of uses for one product! I've already found it makes a reasonable concealer (lovely and creamy), so I'll let you know how it fares in other ways.

Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals (Mini wipes valued at $2.50)

These turned up in August's Lust Have It women's box and, while I have a few packets of wipes in my stores at the moment, another lot will never go astray and it's always nice to try out a new brand. I'd never heard of these guys before and the packaging is rather funky. The wipes are textured on one side (to remove dirt/makeup more easily) and smooth on the other for 'a perfect finish'. I tried one last night and really liked it - the textured side is a smashing idea.

Davroe Colour Senses Ends Repair (RRP $19.95 for 125ml)

Another product from an old LHI box. This is designed for colour treated hair. A leave-in conditioning cream, it seals the cuticles of your hair for brighter colour. It contains rice and wheat proteins to strengthen and smooth your hair, and lock in moisture and colour while protecting it against UV damage and colour fade. You're meant to apply it to the ends and mid lengths of your hair before styling. I'd definitely like to make some leeway into this one - it's been in the bottom of the pile since January (probably earlier), purely because I've got a back-log of similar products.

In sum

That's it! Wish me luck in my product travels - I may just find something I love in this bundle. Even if I don't, hopefully I can finish off a couple of things and head home with a lighter pack : )

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