Bbia Downy Peach in 02 Downy Peach - review


I received this cream blush in my Memebox Special #37 Wake Up Makeup box (see review here). It's the first product I opened from this box, and I tend to spread out the opening of products from boxes for a few reasons - it prolongs the excitement; I've got so much open that I prefer to follow the 'one in, one out' rule; and I'd just finished another cream blush so I had a 'spot' for it, and I like to keep unopened products for rainy days when I want to open something new and have some fun with it.

You could have received either 01 Downy Pink or 02 Downy Peach in the box, and I'm so glad I got the peach. As we know I go nuts for anything in that colour range, and pink seriously doesn't suit me (plus I've seen a photo of the pink version, and man is it pink. A real lolly colour).

According to the product card, it's a cream blush that aims to give a natural flush of colour, and can be worn over or under powder to sculpt and highlight your cheeks.

* Note: I've been experimenting with my camera settings and different lighting, and have been doing some research on how to bl*ody use the thing, so from now on you'll hopefully see more swatches from me that move away from the ones I've been doing like the first photo in this post above!

Bbia claims/product details:
  • Cream type blusher like fraiche
  • Gives air permeability (I'm assuming that means it's breathable ; ) )
  • Long-lasting
  • Ultra blendable
  • No visible texture
  • Weightless
  • Draws inspiration from the downy touch of a baby's cheek (this description made me giggle!)
  • Available in five shades: pink, peach, apricot, lavender and coral
  • RRP $12US for 3.5g

It's a really beautiful pale peach, and it shows up nicely on my wrist but not quite so well on my face (which is darker) - see below:


I was a little suspect of this at first because it's at the cheaper end of the spectrum (not that this always means anything, but it can raise a question mark over quality), and it looks and feels like a low quality product. Also, the consistency is very thin - like a light, cheap lip gloss - and in fact, you could probably use it as lip gloss if you wanted.

I do really love the colour, but it doesn't show up well on my face and the impact will lessen even further when I get a bit browner over summer. The obvious solution to this is to build it; however I've found that it's not really buildable because it starts to look visible and a bit slimey. It also sits in open pores pretty badly, so you end up with little peach dots on your face.

I think it would look much better for those lasses with paler skin that doesn't have open pores. Having said this, it does add a nice barely there flush and you can beef it up a bit by adding a coloured highlighting powder over the top.

While I wouldn't recommend it for those with tanned skin or imperfections like wrinkles, scars and open pores, I've no doubt it would look beautiful on those without such issues.

Not for me.

Have you tried this? I'd be interested to hear what others thought of it.

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