November is...BENEFIT MONTH!


Man am I excited. One of my little brothers and my lil sis split these two kits for my birthday this year in June (thanks siblings!), and the products have been sitting there looking all pretty in my makeup shelving, waiting for me to open them.

I've decided that November is the time : )

Why November? Well, the weather's warming up and we've got more social things on as we approach the festives, plus I'm sitting here feeling preggers and exhausted 24/7, and my body is exploding by the day so I need something to cheer me up.

Maybe this will do it! November is the rainy day I've been waiting for, and the Saturday of Melbourne Cup Weekend is the perfect time to crack these open.

Here's Go Tropicoral, which contains the Cha Cha Tint, the fabled High Beam illuminator and Coralista Blush, and the Coralista Lipgloss. I chose it because I'm a coral junkie.

All the products in this kit and the complexion one below, come in nice little travel sizes with pretty and useful instructions ('tips and tricks') on how to use and mix the products, so I'll look forward to reading those and playing around.

Plus the kits are better value when you consider the mark-ups in Oz prices, as compared to Benefit's full sized products. Eg, this kit cost $40AU, while the US price is $28. By comparison, Benefit's the POREfessional primer costs $31US and retails here for $53. I think we can all agree that's beyond ridiculous.


I picked this set because I'd been wanting to try the brand's complexion products (and in particular the primer included). So I've received the POREfessional, the Boi-ing Concealer, and a liquid foundation and matching powder with titles I absolutely reFUSE to write down or utter, even under my breath (and I'll be keeping the labels turned around so I can't read them on the dresser).

Yes, I'm referring to the 'Flawless' products, and that's what I'll call them. Because WHO THE FARK CAME UP WITH THAT PRODUCT NAME?!


This kit cost $46AU, while the US price is $30. On the mark-up, you're better off ordering directly from the Benefit US website. Free shipping is available on Oz orders over $125, so if you've tested a few things in eg Myer and want them, I'd save up and order them in one hit so you can get them at US prices and avoid the international postage cost.

Cute little kits, yes?! Cannot wait to use them. 

I'll report back soon with reviews of the individual products and the kits overall : )

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