Shara Shara Glitter Pearl Powder in GL01 Champagne Gold - review


This will be a short review because this is a terrible product(!). 

I received it in Memebox #37 Wake Up Makeup (see my review of that box here), which definitely wasn't my favourite Memebox and was saved only by the BB cream and the free Cellbydate essence included in the box.

Shara Shara's Glitter Pearl Powder retails at $7US for 2.2g, and I'm not even sure it's worth that price. The colour received was random - it could have been pink, bronze gold or champagne gold - and I'm glad I got the GL01 Champagne Gold, if nothing else.

As you can see, the packaging looks cheap and tacky (it feels that way too), and it's certainly not something that a lass in her 30s was happy to receive. I'm not sure whether that's just me, but it feels and looks like toy makeup.

The product card describes it as having glitter pearls that shine and have a silky, long-lasting radiance. Apparently it can also be used as a highlighter. The applicator is meant to control the amount you use, and the product is buildable.

I should say that I'm not particularly snobby when it comes to makeup (although I do like nice things), and I have plenty of products I use and love that don't cost much. So it wasn't the cost of the product that made me suspicious - it was more the look and feel of the packaging - and the product itself confirmed my first thoughts.


Essentially this is $7 glitter. While it's admittedly finer than actual glitter and goes on smoothly, the sparkles are noticeable and the product feels cheap to wear. I did try it on my eyes but took it off soon enough because I didn't like the look or feel of it. Even in the ten or so minutes I wore it, there was product fall-out all over my face that just kept on coming.

I've done a search on what others thought of this product, and not everyone agrees with me. Some say they like the creamy application and think the packaging is cute - so it could just be that the product doesn't appeal to me and, as with anything, it's all personal opinion. Others however do say that they didn't even want to open it and put it on their face, so it went straight to the presents pile.

In my opinion, this doesn't deserve to be in the presents or swap pile, so I'm giving it to a friend with two little girls who can use it as fairy dust or wet it and use it as paint/face paint. 

As I said, this is a cheap and tacky product - and this plus a couple of other items (the Shara Shara Creamy Dual Auto Eye Stick in particular) lowered my opinion of the box overall. 

That's all there is to say!

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