Sweetpea & Fay Eyeshadow in Planet 426 - review


We received one of these Sweetpea & Fay eyeshadows in our December 2013 Violet Boxes. I got the colour Planet 426, a dark purple with shimmery flecks of silver. 

Initially I wasn't that excited by the colour (thought I'd hardly wear it - I'd rather save the big colours for my lips or cheeks), but you can play it down so it doesn't take over your look. It also works for a smoky eye and looks good with charcoal and light grey if you want tone things down and wear a brighter lip.

Just briefly, Sweetpea & Fay is owned by a pair of sisters, Katrina and Amanda Farnsworth. The company offers mineral makeup including eyeshadow, foundation and blush - as well as the brand's fabled liquid lipsticks (see my post on those here). Products are mineral-based and 100% natural. 

For more information, see Sweetpea & Fay's US website.

Sweetpea & Fay claims/product details:
  • Mineral based
  • 100% natural
  • Aims to enhance the shape and colour of your eyes
  • Ingredients: pure mica, sericite, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, tin oxide
  • RRP $12 for 2.5g
  • Available in the Violet Box shop
  • Also available in Oz from Rouche Boutique, which sells products at great prices and often runs discounts (see my post on the shop here - stocked brands include Shanghai Suzy and Lime Crime)

Above and below, I've swatched the product lightly and more heavily on my hand. 

It's not super pigmented so it's buildable, which I like for a bright colour like purple (it's hard not to overdo products that have heaps of pigment - for me anyway!).

Wearing it lightly on my eyes below (I haven't completed my eye look, so you can see what this product is doing on its own):

And again, with a heavier hand - you can see that the product isn't too in-your-face or shimmery when applied on your eyes.


This isn't a bad product for $12. It's not the most pigmented shadow I own, but as mentioned, I reckon that can be a good thing when it comes to brighter colours.

I've had a look online and the eyeshadow range from S&F looks pretty good - the colours are striking and the little pots are handy and travel well. (Loose products are great because you can't drop and smash them - they're already 'smashed'!)

The formula is ok - not great, not bad - and pretty good for the price. If you want some bright, seasonal colours but don't want to pay the proverbial arm/leg for them, these are a good option. The pot will last for ages; while I couldn't see a shelf-life marked, I'd expect it to last you for around 24 months (though you might want to confirm that with the company).

While not super blendable, the shadow is easy enough to work with and wears well. I haven't had product fall-out issues, but I've been applying it wet to my eyes so I don't have to layer it so much to get the colour I want, and I think that makes a difference in terms of fall-out.

Overall, decent products for the price.

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