Tuscan Tan Facial Tanning Serum - review


I picked this up on special ages ago (I can't even remember where!) and I'm so glad I did. It's a decent tanning product that delivers instant results, as well as building colour over time.

Now that it's getting warmer, I've been going through my stash and taking out my tanning products because I'm showing more skin and tend to be going out more, so I was glad to have this on-hand.

I've given the pump the tiniest squeeze and a small amount comes out (see above), but it covers quite a large surface area (see photos below). I do like the pump - it controls the amount of product you use nicely.

My tube says 'light/medium' but I think this would suit many skintones, including darker ones.

Tuscan Tan claims/product details:
  • Instant sun-kissed glow
  • 100% natural active tanning ingredients for lasting colour
  • Contains vitamins A, C & E
  • Lightweight serum that nourishes the skin while building up colour
  • Works to regenerate and restore a youthful complexion
  • Hyaluronic Acid promotes elasticity and maintains healthy hydration levels in the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Delicate fragrance
  • RRP $30 for 30ml (but do shop around)
  • Available here

Its consistency is quite like a gel. You apply it evenly to your cleansed face (just a small amount because it spreads well). Be careful around the eye area and hairline, and wash hands after use. Re-apply as needed to maintain your colour.

You can see below where I've blended it out on my hand. It definitely adds a nice, natural wash of colour (not an orange streak in sight!), as well as a dewy glow. I quite like the feel of it on my skin too - it's lightweight and my skin looks better after use.


This is a good product, and I reckon it does live up to its claims. It's definitely lightweight, and while it's not super nourishing/hydrating, it's not drying either and it does make your skin look glowy and healthy.

I like that there's an instant effect and also one over time, and love that the colour is natural and brown (rather than orange).

The pump is handy and functional, making it easy to control the amount of product squeezed out.

Because it spreads well, the tube will last you a while; so it's a good investment - particularly if you can pick it up on special.

I do love using tanning products when I'm starting to look a bit pasty, and this is one I'm really enjoying.

Ticks : )

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