Lime Crime Lipsticks in Coquette and Geradium - review


I've been meaning to review these for ages. The photos have been sitting in a post in my drafts pile, and I was continually unhappy with the lip swatches so I didn't post it. I've been experimenting with my camera, and in the end I thought I'd show you how the colours appear in different lights - even if the natural light swatches aren't perfectly sharp. I will keep practising!

I picked up Geradium a while back in the Bellabox shop. While the colour is quite strong and not one I'd wear every day, I was immediately bowled over by the quality of Lime Crime lipsticks - amazing texture, lasting power and general feel on the lips. It wasn't long before I had a bundle of other colours I wanted on my list, although so far I've only picked up Coquette (this time from the Lust Have It shop).

In terms of the other colours on my list, Poisonberry and Babette are hard to come by in Australia at the moment (sold out everywhere), and the other two colours I was looking at - Cosmopop and My Beautiful Rocket - are in the orange department and I really don't need any more products in that colour range for the time being!

See above and below wrist swatches - above is in natural light and below is taken inside, with flash. 

You can see how pink Geradium is! Not for the faint hearted ; ) 

Coquette is a lovely and very wearable nude with peach undertones.

Lime Crime claims/product details:
  • Bold, opaque, recklessly loaded with pigment
  • Say goodbye to sliding and fading 
  • These lipsticks offer unparalleled coverage in a rainbow of statement-making shades
  • Cream formula is smooth, non-drying and lasts for hours
  • Each lipstick comes encased in the signature purple tube adorned with a sparkling unicorn
  • RRP $23 for 3.5g
  • Available here (Bellabox shop)
  • Also available at Rouche Boutique, a great online shop that often runs discounts (see my post on Rouche Boutique here)

Here's Geradium, swatched in natural light below and inside with flash above. 

It's a full-on colour! If you don't want 'look at me' lips, you can apply just a little so it's more of a stain, and/or put a pale, sheer gloss over the top.

Here's Coquette below, swatched inside with flash:

And outside in natural light:


I can't rave enough about these lipsticks. Yes, they live up to their claims. The only products that are comparable with these, in my opinion, are Shangai Suzy lipsticks. They actually last, feel comfortable on and wear incredibly well. They also don't dry your lips out and I like the scent - vanilla but not overpowering.

Coquette is one I wear often, while Geradium is for those days when I feel like something brighter. I like the packaging because it's different (even though I don't like pale purple), and who doesn't love a sparkly unicorn?!

The colours available are a bit in-your-face and come in shades that most of us wouldn't wear every day (or at all), but there are definitely wearable colours in the range. If these were as cheap as Shanghai Suzy lipsticks (which retail at $12.95), I'd definitely have more of them - although $23 certainly isn't bad for a lipstick of this quality. In my experience, these far outperform plenty of more expensive products. I was beyond thrilled when I discovered them!

I should say something briefly about the media hoo-hah about Lime Crime (generally surrounding the company's founder and her media antics etc). I understand why many would want to avoid the brand because of these things. I must confess, I find it hard to work out what to believe and what's just rumour/hype. In any event, the lipsticks do speak for themselves.


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