Indio SOS Gel, Mineral Complex and Eye Rise - review


I wound up with a bunch of Indio products via Bellabox and the Facebook Bellabox Swap Group. I've used samples of the SOS Gel and Eye Rise before but haven't reviewed them, so when I signed up as an Indio VIP for free (see my post here) and received the sample Mineral Complex, I set everything aside so I could use them together and review the lot.

Just quickly, Indio is an Australian brand which believes that, to provide an effective skincare range, it has to be designed specifically to match the lifestyles of those living within the unique climate of Australia and New Zealand. I like the idea! For more information on the company, see here.

Note: the prices I quote below are not VIP prices, so you can expect a discount if you sign up. Note also that I've reviewed Indio's Facial Scrub, which I love to bits!

Indio SOS Gel - redness rescue

This one confused me a little because the product calls itself a gel (to be applied like a moisturiser) but on the Bellabox page it's described as a mask (even though it's labelled as a gel), and on the Indio website the tube is labelled as a mask. Maybe the gel is a discontinued product?

Anyhoo, I've been following what the tube says in terms of application.

Indio claims/product details:
  • Cool and soothing gel to reduce irritation and redness 
  • Enhanced with sodium hyaluronate and vitamin B5 for intensive hydration
  • Contains aloe leaf juice, mallow, green tea, calendula and honeysuckle flowers for a smoothing and softer complexion
  • For fragile skin with signs of redness, roasacea and cuperouse
  • Apply after serum and before moisturiser
  • Keep in the refrigerator to enhance results
  • RRP $72 for 50ml
  • Available in the Bellabox shop; the mask is available on the Indio website


I'll be brief because I don't have a lot to say about this gel.

This is probably the only Indio product I've tried so far that I don't like. I've used much more soothing creams/gels that have the same purposes as this one (eg Avéne does a great redness reduction cream, and there's a Tosowong product I received from Memebox that works wonders for cooling/soothing).

It doesn't seem to have a cooling/redness reducing effect, and it doesn't feel at all nourishing (not for my skin, which tends towards dryness). It also leaves your skin feeling a bit sticky and coated afterwards, a sensation I don't like.

I'll use it just because I have it, but I don't think it lives up to its claims (maybe that's why it's been discontinued, if that's the case?). Hoh well - you can't win them all!

Indio Mineral Complex Moisturiser

This one fares better, and it's one I'd consider buying if I needed more moisturisers.

Indio claims/product details:
  • A forerunner in anti-ageing and repair due to its rich combination of powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and active enzymes
  • Formulated with sea algaes, squalane and shea butter to replenish devitalised and depleted skin
  • Contains active enzymes to mitigate vascular degeneration and pigmentation 
  • Suitable for genetically low lipids (dry) to balance skin; often prescribed when redness, couperose and pigmentation are present
  • Apply day and night
  • RRP $99 for 50ml
  • Available from the Indio website


I really like this one, and it's something I'll consider buying when I run out of the skincare I'm using.

In terms of meeting its claims, a 10ml sample probably isn't enough to see whether it targets pigmentation etc, although I can confirm that it's super moisturising and nourishing - without weighing your skin down.

I also like the smell, and I've been carrying it around in my purse to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. It has a plumping, refreshing and brightening effect, and sits well over makeup.

I've also found that it spreads well, so you need to use less of it than you might other moisturisers (meaning the tube will last you longer).

This product, the eye cream below and the scrub have put Indio on my list of potential skincare systems to try once I've finished the Eslor and Happy Skincare products I have in stock. Sometimes I like switching brands for a while to see how my skin reacts to other products.

Indio Eye Rise

Indio claims/product details:
  • For an instant perk-me-up
  • Plumps the area around your peepers while hydrating and smoothing your skin at the same time
  • Complements your makeup with its reflective mineral powder components 
  • Protects your skin with its formulation of UV absorbers and anti-oxidants
  • Offers slight coverage, leaving your skin tautened and silky smooth, and your eyes refreshed 
  • Contains olive oil extract, squalene, shea butter, soybean and vitamin e acetate
  • Calms and soothes skin with matricaria flower extract and green tea
  • Use in the morning
  • RRP $84 for 15ml
  • Available in the Bellabox shop and from the Indio website


I received this 5ml sample in a Bellabox when I was subscribed, and I liked it enough to grab a second one in the Bellabox Facebook Swap group.

10ml total is plenty to get an accurate idea of an eye cream (even 5ml is enough, since one uses so little for each application), and I can confirm that this is a great eye cream that does have a plumping effect and hydrates nicely.

I have to be careful when it comes to eye creams: if they're not good enough, I have a wrinkle above my right eye that magically appears and looks rubbish (particularly when I try to put shimmery eyeshadow on it). While that wrinkle will no doubt set in over time (ach, sh*t happens), I can happily stave it off without issue when I'm using a good product. That wrinkle doesn't appear when I use this, so that's good enough for me!

On the colour of the cream (which yes, is a beige colour), it's too sheer to make any coverage difference to my under-eye circles or any redness/pigmentation.

Ticks from me.

In sum

That's all on Indio for now. Does anyone use Indio products? I'd be interested to hear more about what others think, before looking at purchasing a kit from the range in future.

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