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I heard on the 'beauty vine' that Cactus Skincare was sending out sample packs for the grand total of $5 with free shipping. Not one to resist such an offer, I ordered a pack a couple of weeks ago. The pack showed up within a few days, but I'm only just getting to my initial post now.

How lovely to get a cute recycled paper envelope with my name on it!

The samples are available here. While shipping is free in Australia, if you live OS it's a measly $3 for international shipping so the price of the bundle will only cost you a happy $8 AUD.

In ordering the samples, you answer a few questions so Cactus can pick products based on your skincare needs (I chose ones to suit dry and sensitive skin). The samples should last five to seven days, and the company sends you an email with a regimen to follow and some info to help you get started.

Such a nice little pack, and the dried flowers and thank you note were a nice touch.

Cactus Skincare

I was interested in learning a bit more about the company, so I had a look on Cactus Skincare's website and discovered that it's a family company started by a lady called Deborah, who became interested in creating skincare products in the early nineties.

In brief (if you want to learn more background, see here): when the 1990 recession hit, Deborah could no longer afford the expensive beauty products she'd been using, so she decided to create her own natural skincare products.

What followed was in-depth research and, with the help of a pharmacist friend, she developed a natural skincare system for herself that solved her dry skin problem. She then began solving skin problems for friends, and through word of mouth it soon became a business.

Since then, Cactus Skincare has apparently developed a cult following in Australia and the US, where it has been stocked exclusively through plastic surgeries and dermatologists. The aim of the company is to provide natural products that work.

Not a bad little story!

I received the Lemon Myrtle Cleanser, Nature's Anti-oxidant Creme, Intense Hydrating Creme and White Clay Mask. While the samples say they're 15ml in size, I reckon they're more like 5-7ml.

Let's have a look at what I was sent:

Lemon Myrtle Cleanser and Nature's Anti-oxidant Creme

According to the email from Cactus:

The Lemon Myrtle Cleanser (for morning and evening application) uses apricot kernel oil, which is molecularly structured finely enough that it can penetrate the skin deeply, taking with it the anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties of lemon myrtle oil. It will dissolve rancid oils without stripping your skin of its vital acid mantle.

The Nature’s Anti-Oxidant Creme (for morning application) will protect your skin from free radical damage and counteract the effects of that damage. It may also reduce the appearance of sun spots and freckles.

White Clay Mask and Intense Hydrating Creme

According to the email:

The White Clay Mask (for use once a week, preferably in the evening before going out) removes toxins and generally promotes even skintone. Apparently you should see results after one application. Cactus notes that it can sting a little for the first minute or two, so maybe try some behind your ear first, just to make sure you're comfortable.

The Intense Hydrating Creme (for night application) is for restorative hydration; at night time, your skin is in repair mode and hungry for nutrients.

Well that all sounds good! I'll be giving these a go shortly, and I'll update this post then so you know what I thought of everything - but for now I just wanted to let you know about the sample offer, so you can order some if you'd like to : )

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