Goodness Grab & Go Try-me Kit - update with mini reviews


You may remember me doing an unboxing post of this little set a while ago (it's here if you're interested), and I'm back today to update you with mini reviews of each product.

Overall, it's a good little set and I've been enjoying it. While it includes one bad product that I don't love (that's the scrub), it also includes three that I like and a fourth that I absolutely love (that's the oil). So not a bad little find! A friend gave me this so I owe her one : )

In this set you get the following Goodness products:
  • Every Day Cream Cleanser (20ml)
  • Every Week Face Scrub (10ml)
  • Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil (5ml)
  • Every Morning Moisturiser (20ml)
  • Every Evening Cream (25ml)

The bundle retails for $24.95 AUD and I'm sure you could find it on special at one of the big chemists if you shopped around.

As I said in my unboxing post, I do really like Goodness packaging. It's simple but still striking and it fits in with the brand's overall 'feel'. It's a brand that focuses on natural, fuss-free skincare and the products don't contain any nasties, nor does the brand test on animals etc.

I've now been using these products for close to a month, mixed in with a few other samples I've been testing, and I've almost finished them all now so it's definitely time to update this post with mini reviews.

Let's have a look.

Goodness Every Week Face Scrub (RRP $12.95 AUD for 50ml)

This contains powdered pumice, chia seed, and avocado and coconut oils. It's designed to provide a scratch-free exfoliation.

While I'm all for gentle exfoliants, this one doesn't contain enough scrubby matter to actually do anything. It's not that the grains are too gentle for me (although I suppose they are a bit), it's just that they're so sparse, I can only ever feel a few per application. Not enough. I've reviewed this here.

So I wouldn't recommend this particular product, but one bad product in a five-piece kit is ok. I did wonder when I first used this product whether I'd perhaps received one from a bad batch (just because the scrubby matter was so sparse that it was almost non-existent), but I can now confirm that this is just how the product is. So yes, not for me.

Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser (RRP $16.95 AUD for 150ml)

This claims to leave your skin spick, span, soft and smooth, plus it claims to remove makeup (which I reckon it doesn't do very well). It contains apple extract, chia seed, and avocado and coconut oils. 

Despite the issues this product has with makeup-removal, I do really enjoy it as a morning cleanser and I've been using it in place of my Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. While I do prefer the Oskia product overall, that's mainly because I prefer an oil over a cream (that's just me and my dry skin), and I do think this is an excellent, budget option if you're after a cream cleanser.

Worth mentioning is that I much prefer this to the Nivea cream cleanser I recently tried (reviewed here) - it just feels better on my skin and it's more hydrating, plus I prefer the scent - although the two products aren't unalike.

It smells like chia and it feels quite refreshing to use, and although it's not a good makeup remover, I can live with that because I'd normally use this as a morning cleanser anyway. What I do is whack it on and leave it there for half an hour while I'm giving the kids breakfast etc, then I go back in and remove it later, following it with a second cleanse. It helps keep dry morning skin at bay and it leaves my skin feeling soft.

A good product. Definitely worth checking out if you're on a budget and need a gentle cleanser.

Goodness Every Evening Cream (RRP  $19.95 AUD for 60ml)

This contains honeysuckle flower extract, chia seed, and avocado and coconut oils. It aims to provide all the nourishment and hydration your skin needs while you rest.

Having used it, I can confirm that it's a good night cream for those with dry skin because it's super rich and quite heavy, but it mightn't be for everyone because I know that many people (especially those with oily skin) don't like their creams to be this 'weighty'. 

Indeed, I've opted to use this as an overnight cream because it's so rich that I'm not sure anything I apply over the top would actually penetrate through it. For this reason I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as a night cream, but I would recommend it for overnight use because it really seals in any products you've applied underneath, so I think it has a protective element too.

Worth testing if you're sick of waking up with dry skin and need something heavy to combat the issue.

Goodness Every Morning Moisturiser (RRP $16.95 AUD for 75ml)

This contains bilberry and hibiscus extracts, chia seed, and avocado and coconut oils. It aims to leave your skin feeling nourished, fit and healthy.

This is lighter than the evening cream (which you'd expect), so it's a better pick for those who don't like a super heavy moisturiser. What I've enjoyed about this product is that it's hydrating enough for my dry skin, but it also doesn't coat my face or interfere with my makeup so it's perfect for day-use.

Indeed, if you have a heavy serum or even one containing active ingredients and you need a simple, 'fuss-free' moisturiser that doesn't perform back-flips, then this would be a great pick. It hydrates well without weighing the skin down and it's also refreshing to use, plus I think it would work well for most skin-types because it treads the right balance between offering nourishment while still being light.

Of the five products in this set, this is probably my second favourite - after the oil below.

Goodness Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil (RRP $19.95 AUD for 20ml)

This is apparently a superfood oil for your face that's super silky and absorbs easily, plus it should nourish the skin, hydrate and also give anti-inflammatory support.

To me, this product is the star of the kit and I would absolutely buy it, which is saying a lot since I don't often repurchase skincare items - partly because I like trying new things but also because I like to try as many things as possible so I can help others pick the best of the best.

Indeed, I loved this from the first use and I'll never say no to an inexpensive facial oil that works: it's definitely one I'll be looking to buy when I'm low on facial oil. Yes it smells a little fishy (chia seed oils often do, in my experience), but I can live with that because I can't smell it once I've applied it. And although it's not called a 'dry oil', on me it behaves like one because it doesn't leave me with a greasy face and I can therefore apply it under makeup if I want to.

A lovely product. Recommended.

In sum

This is a decent little kit and I recommend it if you're after some fuss-free, budget skincare that does a good job and doesn't contain any nasties.

While I wouldn't necessarily go out and buy the set again, I would buy the facial oil and I also did really enjoy the day cream, so that's gone on my list of potentials too since I'm often after a 'plain' moisturiser to pair with my fancy serums and products containing active ingredients.

Do let me know if you've tried anything from Goodness and what you think of it if so.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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