Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes - review


I finished these off yesterday, which means it's time to review them! Yes this is only a little travel pack but it contained seven wipes and that was more than enough to give me a good sense of the product.

You may remember that I used Simple's Exfoliating Wipes a while ago and absolutely hated those (see review here), so I was surprised and pleased to discover that these 'standard' versions are a lot better and don't feel like sandpaper on the skin. Sure, they're not my favourite wipes - but they're not awful and I wouldn't say no to another pack if it came my way.

Simple claims/product details:
  • For quick, effective cleansing 
  • They refresh and tone skin, removing all makeup - even waterproof mascara
  • 100% alcohol free - non drying, leaves skin soft
  • 100% oil free - no greasy residue
  • pH balanced - works in harmony with your skin
  • RRP $7.49 AUD for 25 wipes, but do shop around


While these aren't my favourite wipes - I still rate Essenzzas (reviewed here) over all others - they're some of the better wipes I've used so you could do a lot worse than these.

They're nice and soft so they feel a lot better on the skin than the Simple Exfoliating Wipes do (those really are like sandpaper), which is one of the things I personally prefer in my facial wipes.

They also contain a good amount of moisture and while I prefer wipes to be a tiny bit wetter than these are, they're still wet enough so I don't need to add water unless I want to go in again for a better cleanse.

As you may know, wipes aren't a 'standard' part of my routine these days and I only use them when I have them (these ones were given to me) - and even then they don't get used often because I shower in the evening so there's no point using them for makeup removal because I have other products to do that for me. 

Note also that some skincare experts suggest steering clear of face wipes because they say they're not that good for your skin (eg Caroline Hirons hates them), and while I can't comment on that aspect because I'm no expert, I can certainly say that I don't like using them often because most of them don't feel 'right' for my skin.

The good news about these Simple ones, however, is that they don't irritate or sting my dry, sensitive skin (some wipes can) and they also do a reasonable job of makeup removal - although I wouldn't agree with the claim that they remove mascara because they certainly didn't for me. But then again, few things do remove my mascara so they don't lose points just for that.

I'm also pleased that they don't contain alcohol because I always notice when wipes do, but these don't dry me out or leave me with red patches on my face so I'd say they're a good pick for those with sensitive skin.

All in all, I think these are pretty good and while I wouldn't buy them for the reasons mentioned above, I can see why a lot of people rave about them because they are better than most.


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