Pan that Palette 2017: May update (Nars, Stila etc)


Hello all and welcome to another update for Pan that Palette 2017.

As you may remember, I did a mini update at the beginning of the month, letting you know that I'd recharged my palette and would be including more pans to replace the ones I had finished. That update is here if you're interested.

I also did another mini update during May, letting you know that I'd re-pressed a few shadows and had already hit pan on others, just so this month-end update was less of a surprise. That mini update is here.

What I'll do in this update is show you the comparison between my Z-palette at the beginning of the month (rather than halfway through), otherwise things could get confusing. But you can track my progress following the links above if you wish.

So without further ado, let's look at my progress for May. I'll start with my Stila cream contour duo this time, just for a change.

Please note that I've enhanced most of the below photos, just to improve clarity (so don't rely on them for colour).

Here's how my Stila duo looked at the end of April:

And here's how it looks now, at the end of May:

As always the paler side is showing much more progress than the dark one - and, also as always, I'm wondering if I'll be able to finish the dark one by the end of the year. I suspect not. If I have to carry it over to Pan that Palette 2018 then I will, but I don't want it hanging around too long because I wouldn't be contouring every day if it weren't for this product, and I don't really want that extra step in my routine.

If you have any suggestions for how I can get through this product faster, please share them in the comments!

Now for my Z-palette. If you would like to see how it looked before I recharged it, my April update is here.

Here's how it looked when I first recharged it, at the beginning of May:

And here's how it's looking now, at the end of May:

What I'll do as always is go through both halves of the palette in detail, so it's easier to track progress.

Here's the left half, beginning of May: 

And here we are now, end of May:

There's not a huge amount of difference in the eight Stila pans in this half (so the six across the top and the two extras down the right side). I've mentioned before that I'm not in a rush to get through my favourite shades in this lot - being the four on the right and the two on the left - because I don't have close dupes for them and I like the formula. So those six might remain in my palette at year's end.

The three Nars pans down the left: you should be able to see good use in all three, but especially in the two that make up Nars Portobello (the browns). I've been using these mixed in with a red-brown blush I don't love to make a good colour for bronzing, and occasionally I'll use them as base shades or blending shades - but not when I want to look my best, since the formula is so drying on me.

The three GA-DE shadows next to the Nars ones: the big news in this lot is that I've hit pan in the top one. You may remember I mixed this myself because I didn't love the colours of the four shades from that pre-made quad, and I'm pleased to report that I enjoy the mix enough that I've hit pan in my first month of using it! It's great for the crease and also makes a good blush. I've hit pan so quickly because I pressed it myself, so it's a little powdery.

That sole Becca cream shade: I use this as a base shadow when I remember, but I often forget because I've always just used my setting powder as a base. It also works well if my tinted moisturiser has faded a bit after lunch, when I use it to calm down any redness on my nose and chin.

On to the second half. Here's how it looked at the beginning of May:

And here's how it looks now:

So, top left to right: I'm not surprised that the Manna Kadar highlighter is vanishing quickly. It's so powdery that I tend to lose a lot. I'm using this for my collarbones and sometimes on the eyes and face. The powder beside it is one I mixed myself, which is why it's moving fast. I use it daily on my brows and lower waterline. The blush (Bahama Mama from theBalm) isn't my favourite because it contains too much gold sheen for my personal tastes, but I love it on the eyes as a lid colour and I'll often use it after lunch when I'm at home and the blush I was wearing has faded.

The five square/rectangular eyeshadow pans: the three purples are all showing some use and I expect to be done with the smallest one (from Lancome) in June. The one beside that I mixed myself (it's the last pan from the GA-DE quad), and I'll focus on it more once I've finished the Lancome shade since I use them for similar things. The lavender So Susan shade I've re-pressed and thankfully that has improved it: it was grainy and powdery before, but I've pressed it in tightly so it's now easier to use.

As for the two Stila pans beside the purples, the dark grey has such a bad formula that I'm only using it as dry shampoo, and the brown one I use for lining if I want a darker look. Both of these I re-pressed during May so they should move faster from now on.

As for the four round pans: the matte is from Becca and the shimmers are all from Ardency Inn. I haven't used these much but I will once I start to finish off some of my other shades.

In sum

That's all from me! 

I hope you've enjoyed this little post. Do let me know in the comments if you're doing Pan that Palette this year and include any links you may have. I'd love to follow your progress : )

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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