Pan that Palette 2017 mini update #2

Hello all and welcome to a quick mini update for Pan that Palette 2017!

I wanted to update you for two reasons: first, I hit pan on a couple of my larger shades straight after last month's update; and second, I've just re-pressed four shades so I wanted to let you know which ones so you can see what they looked like before I re-pressed them and how they look now.

So, here's how my palette looked at the beginning of the month:

And here's how it looks now, two weeks later:

 Below I've enhanced the above shot for clarity:

So, let's focus on the right-hand side of the palette, since that's where the biggest changes are:

Below I've enhanced the above shot for clarity:

You'll see that I've now hit substantial pan on the Manna Kadar highlight shade (top left), as well as the brown shade next to that - which you may remember is the pan I mixed myself to get the perfect colour for my brows and for lining my lower waterline. 

The reason both have moved so quickly is that they're both quite powdery - despite how hard I tried to press the one I mixed - and the Manna Kadar shade was always like that.

As for the ones I re-pressed:

  • The So Susan shadow (that's the lavender one) was so dusty and grainy (you'll see the grains in the opening shot), that I decided it would probably fare better if I re-pressed it and used more binder. Happily that's been the case so it's a much easier shadow to work with these days.
  • The Lancome shade (that's the smallest purple pan) was starting to crumble a lot so I figured I might as well re-press it before losing too much onto the floor whenever I used it. You'll see that I've pressed it in quite hard and it's also easier to work with now.
  • The two Stila pans (the grey and brown pans above the circles on the bottom): the grey kept developing hard-pan so I figured I might as well re-press it to see if I could stop that from happening. It's also been a hard, dry shade, but it's now easier to work with too. The brown one wasn't moving fast enough - no matter how much I used it - and since it's not my favourite brown in terms of formula, I figured I might as well re-press it to help it move faster.

In sum

That's all from me. I hope you enjoyed this little post: I just wanted to let you know where things were at now, so it's not such a shock at the end of the month when you see how my palette's looking then.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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