Korres White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser - review


You may remember that I bought a few Korres products late last year when Mecca was having one of its 'free shipping on all orders' sales.

At the time I'd done all my Christmas shopping and I didn't 'need' anything new for myself, but it was a great opportunity to grab some Korres travel-sizes - Korres being a brand I'd been meaning to try - so that's what I did. For the grand total of $12 AUD. Huzzah!

So far, unfortunately, I've haven't been hugely impressed with the body gels I've tried, nor have I fallen for this cleanser. They're not bad products - I'm not saying that at all - but let's just say that I'm glad I bought small ones before blind-ordering the full-sizes.

Korres claims/product details:
  • Deeply clean and rejuvenate skin with this antioxidant-rich gel cleanser
  • Formulated from vegetable-derived soap substitutes, this gel cleanser offers a thorough, deep cleansing without stripping skin of hydration
  • Enriched with oat proteins to impart a moisturising barrier on the skin and free-radical-fighting white tea to tone
  • RRP $23 AUD for 200ml, or $3 AUD for 16ml


This is a good, inexpensive cleanser and I don't have anything bad to say about it - except that it's been one of those 'meh, not sure' products for me and I've taken so long to pinpoint why, that I'm only coming to review the product now after using my last two applications this morning.

It's a clear, fluid gel that indeed smells of white tea so the product title is bang-on. I like that. All brands should call a spade a spade. Just sayin'.

The cleanser isn't a foaming one (good for those who steer clear of irritating, foaming cleansers), but you will get a small lather from this and I enjoy that. A little lather maketh me happy.

It feels nice against the skin and it's very gentle, so it's perfect for a morning cleanse or for those with dry, sensitive skin (that's me) who find many cleansers too drying/ astringent.

The product does remove makeup ok-ish but you'll need to double-cleanse and it doesn't stand a chance against eye makeup (at least for me). That's ok, I personally wouldn't use it for makeup-removal anyway - but its makeup-removing 'prowess' is worth mentioning for those who would.

As for claims: yes it cleans but I don't think it does so 'deeply'; no I don't think it rejuvenates; yes it cleanses without stripping the skin; yes it does have a slight toning effect; and no I don't notice any kind of 'moisturising barrier' after use. 

So why do I feel 'meh' about this product? I think it's just that I've used other soap-free gel cleansers that I much prefer and that are in the same price-bracket. Mario Badescu's Enzyme Cleansing Gel (reviewed here) and SebaMed's Liquid Face & Body Wash (reviewed here) are the first two that come to mind.

Being objective, though, I do think this is a decent, gentle cleanser and you can't beat the price. I can see why it's had plenty of great reviews online and I do recommend it if you're after an inexpensive cleanser that won't strip the skin.

A good product. Just not my favourite.

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