Sea2Skin Active Hydration Mask - review


I've been using this for ages now and I kept meaning to review it, but it's been one of those items that was often pushed back by more 'urgent' posts.

We received it from Maslow & Co's Australia Edit (unboxed here) and I was pleased to see it because anything with 'hydration' in the title tends to be something I'll like. Happily I do like it, and I've been using it once or twice a week since I got it - so I'm over halfway through the tube now. A good thing, since I have too many masks and need to reduce my stores.

Sea2Skin claims/product details:
  • Our revitalising mask restores essential moisture while gently exfoliating the skin
  • Formulated to promote a firmer, youthful complexion
  • Rich sea botanicals and marine collagen combine to revive dull skin cells, resurface and smooth skin
  • Natural hyaluronic acid and rose hip oil deeply hydrate and deliver cellular support
  • Your skin will be left feeling rejuvenated and nourished with a radiant glow
  • Key benefits: smooths & resurfaces; hydrates & plumps; boosts skin elasticity; anti-ageing treatment; rejuvenates & restores moisture; improves skin resilience
  • To use: apply a generous layer of the mask to clean, dry skin; leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water; use up to twice a week; can be stored in the fridge so it's more cooling 
  • RRP $34 AUD for 75g

I like the packaging because it's simple and looks good, plus it's compact so it wouldn't be a bad one for travel - especially because, unlike a standard tub, it gets smaller as you use more.

What I don't love, however, is that it's not so easy to store - at least for me. It's almost too wide for the shelf that I store my skincare bottles and tubes on, and it takes up too much room on that shelf anyway because it's flat. Currently it's lying in the cabinet under the sink where I keep things like loo paper, which isn't ideal but it will do.

The other thing to note is that the product description says you can get up to ten uses from this 75g pouch. I don't know how much you're meant to put on your face, but I'll easily be getting over twenty - and I'm still noticing benefits from using a smaller amount so I wouldn't over-apply it. Do note, however, that I only put this on my face, so it may be that they're factoring in your neck and dec too.


I'm really enjoying this product and it's one of the better hydrating masks I've used. It's not as good as my two favourite hydrators - these being the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask (reviewed here) and the Chantecaille Jasmine Lily Healing Mask (reviewed here) - but it's definitely a good product.

It's a white cream that's not unlike yoghurt in texture and it has a fresh, interesting scent that I can't place: it's kind of mealy but light at the same time, and there's something a tiny bit sour about it - but not in a bad way. Indeed, the scent is something I like about the product.

It feels soothing, cooling and lovely when applied, and it's one of those products that I enjoy using for how it feels on the skin. Sometimes masks can feel a bit yuck when applied (eg some mud masks go on too thickly and some gel masks can feel a bit slimy), but this one feels really nice.

It dries down like a clay mask might do but I don't find it uncomfortable as it dries - a plus because my dry skin often can't tolerate masks that are too drying. There's also a tiny bit of tingling in the first few minutes after application, but it's a good tingling: the kind that tells me is the product is working.

After use my face looks brighter and plumper, and it feels more hydrated too. I also reckon there's a resurfacing action happening because it feels smoother to boot and makeup goes on well after I've used it.

On the claims: yes I think it restores moisture and exfoliates; yes it makes my skin feel firmer and look more youthful; yes it resurfaces and smooths; and yes it leaves my skin looking nourished, rejuvenated and more plump.

The other good thing is that it's not super expensive - except if you're planning to only get ten uses from it (as the brand suggests). Then it's at least $3.40 per use and that's too much in my books. But if like me you're getting twenty to thirty uses from this little pouch, then I think the value is there.

Overall I reckon this is a really nice product. While it's not my favourite mask, it's definitely one I recommend and I'm enjoying it while I have it.


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