Rituals, The Rituals of Sakura Body Scrub - review


Slowly, slowly, I'm reviewing the final Rituals products I have left in my stash. While I do have a couple of unopened Rituals shower foams in back-up, I'll certainly be saving those for a rainy day now that the brand has sadly packed up and left Australia.

Next up for review is this shower scrub, which I've been using and loving for months now. It's one of those special products that I've been rationing because it just looks luxe and the scent is gorgeous, so I'm more than happy to have it sitting in my shower for a good while yet.

Rituals claims/product details:
  • Get rid of dry skin with our Sakura sugar body scrub
  • With the luxury mixture of organic sugar and softening oils
  • Specially developed to gently exfoliate and nourish even the driest of skin
  • Enriched with the nurturing ingredient of rice milk and the fresh fragrance of cherry blossom
  • To use: apply once or twice a week for soft, glowing skin
  • RRP $39 AUD for 375g, but do wait for specials

I absolutely love the packaging of this scrub. I might even like it more than that of the matching body cream (reviewed here), although both are nice. It just looks special and I enjoy using the product for that reason alone.

There's what the scrub looks like below. You'll see it's a standard sugar scrub that contains boundless sugar grains suspended in a rich oil.


This is a gorgeous product and I'm so glad I bought it when I still could. While it mightn't be the most amazing body scrub I've tried, it's certainly the nicest one I've used in terms of scent and how it looks.

As mentioned above, it's a standard sugar scrub that contains little sugar grains suspended in oil. The grains are quite fine so I do prefer this product to the Rituals Hammam Hot Scrub (reviewed here): the grains were quite rough in that product so it left my skin feeling rubbed raw and I didn't enjoy it as much.

This one also smells divine. It's hard to describe what sakura smells like if you haven't smelled it, but it somehow manages to be sweet without being too much and there's something complex about it that really appeals. As you may know, the sakura line is my favourite from Rituals to date, and I'd almost buy the products for the scent alone.

I've been rationing this scrub because I want it to last, so I use it perhaps once a week and no more than that. While I don't find tubs the easiest to use in the shower (wet hands and screw caps are never a good mix), I'm prepared to ignore that here because I enjoy the product and the look of the packaging so much.

What I do is scoop out a small amount and apply it to different areas of my body, massaging it in as I go, then I'll go back in for more if I need it. I find this is the best way to use it - taking only a small amount at a time - because then you use less and I also find that I lose less to the bottom of the shower.

It feels really nice on the skin as you rub it in - exfoliating but nourishing at the same time - and after use my skin feels refreshed and also hydrated from the oils. I still apply a body moisturiser after using this scrub because I need to for my dry skin, but others may be able to skip the moisturiser since this hydrates well on its own.

All in all, this is a lovely product and I recommend it. While you can find scrubs that are just as effective for a fraction of the price, it's nice to use something this lovely every now and then.


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