Alpha-H Liquid Laser Concentrate - review


I must have been using this serum for almost a year now and I've kept forgetting to review it for no other reason than that my draft post was sitting at the end of the list, so I never saw it when I picked the next one to write.

It's worth telling the story of how I came about this serum because it's an example of fantastic customer service. What happened was that I received a 15ml sample of this product as a GWP, and when I went to use it, it was cloudy and smelled like brandy. Now I've been using Alpha-H for years and that didn't feel right to me, so I contacted the brand to ask them if this was how the product was meant to be. 

They got back to me straight away and said no, then asked for the batch number and checked some other products from that batch. Turns out the batch was fine and I just got a dud, but they sent me this full size to replace it - something I wasn't expecting - and the package showed up very quickly. I was impressed.

I've always loved Alpha-H but I love them even now that I know they're responsive and care about their customers. You hear a lot of talk on social media about brands behaving badly, so let this be an example of brands behaving well. I was already happy to spend my hard-earned money on Alpha-H because the products are good and I don't think they're over-priced. Now, I'm even happier.

Alpha-H claims/product details:
  • Bridging the gap between cosmetic counters and invasive procedures, Liquid Laser is a non-invasive application of advanced anti-ageing technologies using a unique low pH delivery system designed to resist age-induced skin changes
  • The cornerstone of the Liquid Laser range, this velvety light gel serum provides weightless long-lasting hydration, skin-firming benefits and exemplary brightening properties using a combination of plant extracts, potent antioxidants and natural AHAs 
  • Central to this approach is Juveleven, a revolutionary new Hexapeptide, which mimics the action of the hydra jellyfish, a freshwater organism nicknamed the 'immortal jellyfish'
  • Hydranov-P, naturally derived from Scandinavian Red Algae, helps to increase deep-seated moisture within the skin
  • For mature skin that needs more than prevention
  • Helps in regenerating healthy skin
  • Helps reduce skin imperfections
  • Helps give skin a plumper appearance
  • Helps improve the look of sun-induced damage
  • Helps reduce skin discolourations
  • To use: apply 3 to 4 drops onto cleansed face, neck and d├ęcolletage each alternate evening, avoiding the eye and lip areas; follow with your preferred night cream; for a more intensive effect, do not follow with a moisturiser, but allow Liquid Laser to work 'undiluted'
  • RRP $99 AUD for 50ml, but do shop around


This is a good product.

It's a clear liquid that's very thin - only a little thicker than water - which is how I like my serums. It has a chemical scent that's definitely there but it's not overpowering and I'm not aware of it once I've applied the product to my face.

It sinks in beautifully and there's no waiting for this to absorb, plus it spreads well so a little goes a long way and this 50ml bottle has already lasted me close to a year (I use it every second evening).

Like Alpha-H's Liquid Gold (reviewed here), this is one of those products that has an impact as soon as you use it. My skin immediately looks brighter, smoother and healthier, and I can tell when I've used it the night before because it looks better in the morning too.

Now you're meant to use this on its own for a more intensive treatment, but I don't do that. It's not hydrating enough and my dry skin gets too uncomfortable, so what I do is leave it on for five minutes before going in with a serum. Then, four or five hours later, I apply a hydrating cream that I use overnight. Perhaps I would have seen more results if I wasn't doing this, but I don't like my skin to feel dry overnight (I'm too aware of it) so that's what I prefer to do.

On the claims: I do think this firms the skin; yes it brightens and has some effect on the look of sun damage; yes it makes my skin look healthier and plumper; and yes it has a smoothing effect too.

One thing to note, though, is that I use this on alternate evenings to Liquid Gold and occasionally I've given Liquid Gold a rest to try other things. What I've noticed is that this serum works much better when I'm using Liquid Gold as well - either that or Liquid Gold is doing most of the work and this one's doing less - so my skin never looks as good when I'm just using this and not the other product.

It's not that this one does nothing (it does), it's just that the products paired together do four times more (or perhaps Liquid Gold is doing 75% of the work). For this reason I would start with Liquid Gold before deciding if you want to spend the money on this product - unless you're sensitive to glycolic acid, in which case I would start with this.

A good product but perhaps not a repurchase for me. I would rather try something else from Alpha-H before returning to this.

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