St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse in Dark - review


I was lucky enough to be sent this product to review a while back (I'm on a couple of review teams), and I was excited to try it because I love St Tropez and I'm yet to find a product from the brand that I don't like.

Mind you, tanning mousses aren't my favourite form of self-tanners (I'm all about the creams because they roll two steps into one), so to make myself use this before buying the cream I recently finished, I've put it on my Project Pan list. 

A good idea. Sort of...

Because gosh, it's so hard to find time to use it! I'm sorry if you've heard me say this a thousand times before, but I have a toddler and a baby and I have my showers in the evenings when my husband gets home - so you can imagine how difficult it might be to find time during the day to undress myself, apply this evenly everywhere (especially now that it's winter and so damn cold), then leave it for a few minutes to dry before dressing again.

I can't tell you how many times I've managed to do eg one leg, then one of the kids needs me so I'm rushing around the house naked to hand my son a water bottle that's been deliberately piffed from the high-chair so he's crying because he wants it back, help my daughter reach a crayon that's rolled under the couch and NEEDS to be found RIGHT NOW MUMMY, or save the long-suffering dog from yet another...exuberant...(read forceful) toddler 'tuddle!!!' (read strangulation).

The postman knocked during one of these naked-with-one-bronzed-leg situations. Oh gosh what 'vibrant and dynamic' lives us mothers lead...

Moving on.

 St Tropez claims/product details:
  • This paraben-free, super-lightweight, easy-to-apply, velvety mousse delivers an ultra-even, deep bronzed tan
  • Utilises our original salon-inspired formula
  • Self-adjusting, streak-free and oil-free
  • Long-lasting formula that's ideal for the entire body, including the face
  • Infused with conditioning aloe vera to condition and protect
  • Provides the darkest, most intense colour yet, with melanin technology - ensuring your tan is tailored to suit your individual skintone
  • Ultra-absorbent, dries quickly and intensifies over three hours
  • Innovative Aromaguard™ fragrance technology eliminates any self-tan aroma by a minimum of 70%, and instead gives a subtle, refreshing fragrance
  • RRP $59.99 AUD for 200ml

See St Tropez's website for more information, including tips for use.


I've always loved St Tropez tanning products, and this one doesn't disappoint. I picked the dark version to trial (even though my skin is medium), and I'm glad I did because the colour isn't too dark but instead gives me the perfect, natural-looking olive tan. No orange in sight.

It's easy to apply - particularly with the mitt - and I do like that you can see where you've placed the colour because I've run into problems before with tanners that go on too light or even clear.

I love that there's no offensive, self-tan smell, and also love that a little goes a long way so the bottle should last a while. Despite this, it isn't a cheap product and I personally don't want to spend this much on my self-tanners. Yes you do pay for quality, but I would prefer to spend my pennies on facial skincare.

The packaging is also functional and doesn't dispense too much product, and it looks fancy to boot so it makes me feel a bit special when I use it : ). I much prefer this packaging to the standard white/blue that St Tropez uses for other products, and I think the black makes the product look more 'in line' with the high price point.

It's also not a sticky product and it doesn't transfer onto clothing - a plus because I've had this issue before, and like many, that's something I want to avoid with my tanners.

In terms of longevity, my tan lasts well for a week before starting to fade evenly. This is longer than every other self-tanner I've tried, and I do exfoliate my body at least twice a week so that's impressive!

All in all, this is a fantastic product and one I highly recommend. Mind you, it's not one I would buy: as mentioned above, not only do I prefer tanning creams, but I also don't want to drop sixty bucks on something like this. It's just not necessary in my opinion, and plenty of great options are available for a fraction of the price. My personal favourite is Garnier's BodySummer offering (reviewed here), which costs $7.95 AUD for 250ml and you can usually find it on special at the chemist or supermarket.

Excellent but expensive.

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