Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 in 05 Neutral (MF-N) - swatches and first impressions


Yesterday I put my review of the Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette aside because it was taking too long and instead posted on a Clinique foundation I was testing, and today I'm going to do exactly the same thing and leave the palette post for now to give you my first impressions on this second Clinique foundation.

I will get to the palette review, it's just that I'm currently cropping mountains of swatch photos and they're taking forever so I need a break!

Anyhoo. I received two samples of this Clinique foundation and I'm currently wearing it for the third time. I like it better than the one I posted on yesterday (see here) because it's more natural and isn't as thick and paint-like as the other one.

Mind you, it's the same as the other one in the sense that the undertone is wrong: it's neutral and I'm yellow, so this looks grey/ashy on me and I can see it on my skin. On top of that, the formula oxidises something chronic so even though I like it in theory, it's not one I can wear.

Now for swatches.

Direct sunlight, unblended on the left and partially blended on the right (and excuse the goosebumps - it's bloody cold!):

Natural light (indoors):

Natural light (outdoors):

Indirect sunlight:


This foundation claims to brighten and even out skintone with naturally luminous minerals, and it retails for $55 AUD for 30ml.

What I like about it is that it's quite thin and hydrating in texture, plus it applies and blends well. I also like that it doesn't sit in pores and offers a dewy finish that looks nicely healthy.

Indeed, this is one of those foundations that could be undetectable on the skin - but for the two issues I've mentioned above. First, this is the wrong undertone for me (but that's obviously not a problem with the foundation itself); and second, it oxidises two shades darker when I apply it to my face. I'm assuming that's a problem with the whole line and not just this colour - so do test this properly before purchase because what appears to be your shade-match may not be once you've applied it.

Note also that while I like the dewy finish, I don't like how tacky it is after application. What this means in practice is that I need to go in with more setting powder than I would like (otherwise my bronzer and blush won't blend), which isn't a good thing because I have dry skin and too much powder looks bad on me.

Overall there are things to like about this product but the fact that it oxidises so badly means it's not one I can wear and for this reason I suggest you don't buy it blindly but instead test it out on the face first.

Not for me.

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