Korres Shower Gels in Santorini, Bergamot Pear and Guava - review


You may remember that Mecca occasionally has those free shipping sales where there's no minimum spend required to get free shipping. I can't be the only one who enjoys those and uses the opportunity to buy something small, just to get the feeling of having a Mecca box arrive in the post or to make some orders for Christmas/birthday presents that come in their own box and with their own samples.

I digress. I made a $12 order for myself at Christmastime, and in it I included three Korres body gels and one Korres cleanser. I'd been wanting to try something from the brand and this seemed like a great way to do it: I could try a few different scents without committing to the full size, for only three bucks a piece.

For my body washes, I chose Santorini, Bergamot Pear and Guava. I didn't pick these for any particular reason - I just wanted something that looked and smelled nice.

The other reason I wanted these was because they're not only sweetly packaged in these little colourful bottles, but the bottles are good ones to refill and use for travel.

Korres claims/product details:
  • A soft moisturising shower gel, ideal for everyday use
  • Wheat proteins form a protective film on the skin, maintaining its regular hydration level
  • Gently cleanses the body while imparting a light fragrance on the skin
  • RRP $3 AUD for 40ml or $15 AUD for 250ml


There's not a huge amount to say about these shower gels so I'll be brief.

Look, they're ok. I think what's happening here is that I've been completely spoiled by my Rituals body foams and washes, so anything that comes after those just doesn't compare.

Each product is a medium-thick gel that's your standard shower gel consistency, and they're runnier than my Rituals products so they don't feel quite as plush.

They're packaged nicely and I've enjoyed having these little bottles in my shower, and all three bottles have since been washed out and kept. I'll use them when we travel - they're a good size.

They foam ok but not heaps and the lather they produce isn't particularly rich or creamy. That's probably the biggest thing I've noticed when using these. While my Rituals Shower Foams feel like luxury on the skin (I've reviewed one here), these don't feel like anything special so I haven't looked forward to using them like I do my other products.

On the scents, they all smell ok but the Guava one is easily my favourite and I like Santorini the least (it's too musky for me). The fragrances aren't bad, but they're also not especially strong or interesting so I don't look forward to using them for the scents either.

All in all, these aren't bad products and I love that they're available in these small sizes so you can pick a few different ones to try and/or travel with, but I also don't think they're particularly amazing and I won't be buying any more. 

Also, when you think about it, you could pick up a full-sized shower gel in the chemist for around three bucks (on special) - and one that does the same thing - so while these little bottles are sweet and would make good presents, they're not great value and I think you're paying for packaging and brand more than anything else.


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