Rituals Hammam Rituals Gift Set - round up with mini reviews


I unboxed this set back in November last year and it's taken me a while to open each product and use everything enough to review it.

But I just wrote my last full review of the shower paste, and the rest of the products are now finished so I'm back as promised to do a quick round-up post on the set as a whole.

If you would like to see my unboxing post, it's here, and I've also got links to the individual reviews of each product below.

The set contains:
  • Hammam Delight Foaming Shower Gel 200ml (RRP $15 AUD for 200ml full size)
  • Hammam Olive Secret Shower Paste 150ml (RRP $18 AUD for 150ml full size, but note this currently isn't available separately from Rituals' website)
  • Hammam Body Mud 70ml (RRP $22 AUD for the 150ml full size)
  • Hammam Hot Scrub 125g (RRP $39 AUD for the 450g full size)

Please note that Rituals is sadly no longer available in Australia because the brand has for some reason packed up and left, after only being here for a very short time. You may be able to have some items shipped internationally from other retailers, but I wanted to note straight out that the brand's products may not be so easy to find.

Let's have a quick look at each item in turn.

Hammam Olive Secret Shower Paste

This is a hydrating shower paste that cleanses the skin and prepares it for exfoliation. I've reviewed it here.

It's an unassuming little product that doesn't announce itself with fanfare - unlike eg the Rituals Shower Foams, which foam so beautifully and with such luxuriousness that you can't help but notice them. This one's more subtle than those but it gets you in the end. 

It's a thick, gel-like product and I can see why they've called it a paste. What constantly surprises me about it is just how little you need to get the job done, and also how hydrating it is. I've used shower oils that don't feel anywhere near as nourishing as this does (even a shower oil from Rituals itself), so something about the formula absolutely meets the claim that the product is 'ultra-nourishing' and good for dry skin.

Overall, this is a fantastic little product and one I'm happy to own.

Hammam Delight Foaming Shower Gel

Full review here. These shower foams are honestly the best body washes I've ever used and I don't plan to ever be without one, whether in this scent or one of the many others available. 

It's a gel product in a pressurised can that comes out clear but then foams up quickly on contact with water. As soon as the product foams up, the scent hits your nose in a strong way that's not overpowering. These are fragranced products done well.

Once on the skin, the foam feels beautifully rich, creamy and luxurious. Almost velvety. I can't remember ever using a body cleanser that feels so wonderful in texture: it's just gorgeous. The product cleans well too - without stripping or irritating my dry, sensitive skin - so that's another plus.

These foams are HG products for me. I can't rave about them enough.

Hammam Hot Scrub

This is a nourishing body scrub with sea salt, warming ginger and refreshing eucalyptus. I've reviewed it here.

While I don't dislike this product, I don't love it either. It's a thick, granular scrub that feels quite oily to the touch. It's one of those scrubs that essentially feels like oil mixed with salt, and indeed that's how it feels when rubbed across the skin. 

And therein lies the problem for me: the grains are quite harsh and scratchy (I guess that's because they're cubes with sharp edges), but the addition of the oil somehow makes it feel like you're not getting a decent exfoliation - even though you probably are. Either that or you're just scratching away at your skin, which is honestly how I feel sometimes when I use this. Some scrubs are just too harsh and I think this is one of those.

Most people seem to love this but it's not for me.

Hammam Body Mud

Full review here. This is apparently a micro-scrub with natural exfoliating grains and Rhassoul clay. It should leave your skin looking fresh and supple, and can also be used as a deep-cleansing mask.

I loved this one. It's a greyish mud that's more like a gel in texture because it's not super thick, and it contains little grains that offer a good polish without being too abrasive. This is much more my speed than the other scrub in this kit.

What I'm left with after use is smooth, glowing skin that feels nicely polished without feeling too dry or irritated - although I do prefer to use a body oil instead of a cream after use because I feel like I need the extra hydration.

A beautiful product.

In sum

I hope you enjoyed this little post! Do let me know what your favourite Rituals products are in the comments - I'm always up for trying new ones.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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