Project Pan 2017: the tally so far #2


I realised this morning that I'd completely forgotten to do my next Project Pan 2017 tally post, so best I sneak it in now while I remember!

As you may know, I like to do these tallies every few months to help keep myself motivated, with a final one at the end of the year so I know just how I've done.

If you'd like to see my last tally post, it's here. I wrote that one on April 4, and this is what I'd finished by then:

  • one eye primer
  • one BB cream (travel-sized)
  • two concealers
  • two lipsticks
  • one powder blush
  • one non-powder blush
  • one powder highlighter
  • one liquid illuminator (travel-sized)
  • one hair treatment (travel-sized)
  • one hair oil (travel-sized)
  • one sunscreen spray (travel-sized)
  • two face masks
  • one tanning mousse (travel-sized)
  • one toothpaste

That's a total of sixteen products, which isn't bad but last year I panned sixty-five items and the year before that I panned fifty, so at that stage I wasn't looking good for reaching those numbers again.

Let's have a look at how I've done since April:

April overall wasn't a bad month and I was happily able to finish a full-sized foundation and also a concealer: both of these things take me ages to finish so that was a definite win.

April's full tally was:

  • One foundation
  • One concealer
  • One hair treatment
  • One nail polish
  • One lip crayon
  • One lipstick

That's six items in total.

As for May, the biggest thing that happened was that I finished two whole powder foundations. This was a huge thing for me because they were 27g each and I don't use powder foundation that much (I have dry skin). I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to finish those!

May's full tally was:

  • Two powder foundations
  • One lipstick
  • Two hair treatments
  • One lip scrub

That's six items total for May.

June was happily my best panning month of all time. From memory my previous personal best was ten products in one month, and in June I hit twelve. Woot woot!

Here's what I finished in June:

  • One lip liner
  • One eyeliner
  • One lipstick
  • Two glosses
  • Two primers
  • One CC cream
  • Two face masks
  • One perfume (travel-sized)
  • One liquid illuminator

The tally so far

So, including the above products and also my tally up until April (and note I've decided not to include anything from July until my next tally), here's how we're looking:

  • one eye primer 
  • two face primers 
  • one liquid foundation 
  • two powder foundations 
  • two BB/CC creams (one travel-sized) 
  • three concealers 
  • five lipsticks 
  • two lip glosses 
  • one lip crayon 
  • one lip liner 
  • one eyeliner 
  • one powder blush 
  • one non-powder blush 
  • one powder highlighter 
  • two liquid illuminators (one travel-sized) 
  • three hair treatment (one travel-sized) 
  • two hair oils (both travel-sized) 
  • one sunscreen spray (travel-sized) 
  • four face masks 
  • one tanning mousse (travel-sized) 
  • one toothpaste 
  • one perfume (travel-sized) 
  • one nail polish 
  • one lip scrub

That's thirty-six products in total, so I'm looking a lot better than I was earlier in the year! If I can hit between fifty and sixty products for 2017, I'll be happy. I reckon I can do it : )

That's all from me! I hope you enjoyed this little post, and that you're doing well with your own panning projects.

It's not easy to pan makeup - things like powder blushes and highlighters in particular - but it's always rewarding to move things out of your collection and ensure you've got your money's worth.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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