Project Pan 2017: June update


Hello and welcome to my June Project Pan update.

I'm happy that I'm only two days late with this: I wasn't sure how long it would take me to get it up, given the amount of work I've had on lately, but here we are and not too far into July.

So! As you can see, I've finished the above three products.

There they are again:

These items are my Sea2Skin Active Hydration Mask, L'Oreal CC Cream and Becca's Topaz.

I finished these last week (so still in June), and with these and my other empties (discussed below), it's been a pretty good panning month.

As for the rest of my list: 

Above we have:
  • Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in Groenland
  • Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Medium
  • BareMinerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer
  • Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil
  • 'Tini Beauty Eye Cordial Shadow + Base in Spiced Rum
  • Stila's Aqua Glow Watercolour Blush in Shimmering Lotus
  • Maybelline Lipstick in Totally Toffee
  • Gilded Cage Lipstick in True Orange
  • O&M No Knott Conditioning Detangler
  • Moroccanoil Treatment
  • St Tropez Selft Tan Foam in Dark
  • Wyte Luxe Whitening Applicator
  • Ofra Lip Liner in Wine
  • Inika Certified Organic Eyeliner Pencil in Black Caviar
  • Sportsgirl Pout About It! Lip Colour in Onyx
  • Tony Moly Petite Bunny Glass Bar
  • Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 03 Nude Shimmer
  • Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask
  • Too Faced HangoveRx Face Replenishing Primer
  • Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
  • L'Oreal Anti-dullness CC Cream
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Topaz
  • Tocca Cleopatra EDP
  • Sea2Skin Active Hydration Mask
  • BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Gel in 06 Ginger (switched out)

So I finished off twelve products this month, which might just be my highest PP total ever! 

I still have thirteen on my list, meaning I won't be introducing too many new ones for the moment or otherwise I'll start forgetting them.

Let's start with the boring non-makeup stuff. That Wyte tooth whitener is impossible to mark so I can't track progress for you I'm afraid because I can't see through the tube or open it. I've been using it every second evening so I hope it won't last more than a few months, and I do need to review this product so stay tuned for that.

You'll see the marker for my Moroccanoil hair oil below. I want to move this one out sooner rather than later because I don't like it, so I'll need to focus on it better this month because I haven't used it much at all.

My St Tropez tanning mousse is in for the long haul - it was basically full when I introduced it and these take me ages to use because it's so hard to find the time for them. I've used it twice since introducing it so that's something.

As for my O&M detangling spray, I love this stuff so I'm not over-using it and I can see it lasting a good few months. Still, the shampoo and conditioner I'm using at the moment aren't great and they leave my hair super knotty, meaning I should get through this soon enough.

My Stila blush is getting close now: I expect to finish it in July. I've been using it as a lip stain because I don't use cream blushes, and I love it for that so I'll happily keep using it until it's gone. See marker below.

My Becca corrector I removed from circulation for a while but it's back now and I'm loving it. I can see this lasting until the end of the year because you only need a little each time, but I don't mind that because it works well for me. 

My Maybellline lipstick is so close to gone that I wasn't far off getting through it this month. I love this shade and this formula so I'm happy to keep using it daily and I'll buy more of these once I've finished more lipsticks. See marker sheet below.

The Gilded Cage lipstick I actually forgot about for a while (oops), which is why we're not seeing good progress. I'll have to find a way to remember about this one because I do want to get through it - it's getting old.

The Chella highlighter pencil is something I've started to enjoy using: it's great for brightening up the darkest part of my under-eyes and I also use it after lunch when my tinted moisturiser has faded, to manage any redness that's started peeking through around my nose and on my chin.

The Nars tinted moisturiser is a newer inclusion and it should last a while because I don't need heaps each time. It's been open for just on a year now so I'd like to get through it sooner rather than later. I can see it lasting a few months though. Slow and steady wins the race.

The 'Tini Beauty liquid eyeshadow has started to thicken up so it won't be safe for use on the eyes much longer. What I've decided to do going forward is mix some in with my sunscreen to add a bronze glow under my makeup. I only just thought of doing that and it worked so well that I'm pleased with my idea!

My Maybelline concealer will last another month or two, no more. I love this product but I'm keen to finish it so I can move on to using my HG concealer from BareMinerals every day (that's the serum concealer).

I don't like this BareMinerals eye primer. I hadn't tried it before and I'm glad it's only a small size, although it will still take me another few months to finish. Ach. Problem is, it's drying on me - but I do want to finish it so I'll stick my head down and make sure that happens.

There's my marker sheet above. It's looking a bit gross so I'll definitely make a new one after I've finished the three products I'm still using.

As for my replacements:

I've only picked three for now because I don't want to over-saturate my list. Experience tells me that's not a good idea - I tend to start forgetting things if I have too many.

Here's what I've picked:

Stila Sun Bronzer in Dark

I love this product but it's my oldest bronzer so it's time to get through it. I've used close to half but it's super pigmented so I have a feeling it will last out the year at least.

Note that I'll be saving the last little bits and re-pressing them into an eyeshadow pan because I still live in hope that one day I might find a dupe (this product has been discontinued).

Milk Bebe Lip Treatment

I love this product. You may remember that it was on my list last year and I lost it! I since found it in a jacket pocket so I'm bringing it back in because it's still good to use but I suspect it won't be for long. 

Gorgeous Cosmetics Base Perfect Liquid Foundation in 1Y-BP

This is a great foundation but it's the oldest one I own so it's time to get through it. I have a feeling it will last for ages but I'll be attacking it from two angles: first, mixed in with my Nars tinted moisturiser (because that's a bit pale for me and it has a peach undertone, so this foundation will make it darker and more yellow); and second, in place of Becca Topaz, to mix in with my moisturiser and give me a bronze glow.

In sum

I hope you enjoyed this little post! I'm sorry it's been a bit rushed: we're about to go out with my family for my birthday dinner and I wanted to sneak this in while I could.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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