Project Dent 2017: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light


Hello and welcome to my next round of Project Dent.

I'm super excited about this one because I love Hourglass and I love these bronzers - so I'm more than happy to use this every day for at least two weeks.

I own both this mini and also the full size of Radiant Bronze Light, which I love so much that I'd considered buying Luminous Bronze Light in full size too.

I decided however that I couldn't justify it because I have too many bronzers already, but when Hourglass released this as a mini, it had my name written all over it so I went ahead and bought it.

Worth saying now is that these minis are TINY and they're absolutely not worth the $35 AUD I paid for this 1.4g compact (the large size retails for $72 AUD and you get 11g). 

While initially I was annoyed with myself for spending the money on something that's such bad value, I'm now happy I did because even though I love this formula, I do prefer Radiant Bronze Light - which has more of a red undertone (this one pulls peach on me and I don't love peach-toned bronzers on my light-medium to medium, yellow-based skintone). 

So I'm now viewing this purchase as one that saved me around thirty bucks and also allowed me to try this colour without winding up with yet another full-sized bronzer that would take years to finish. Since I've barely made a dent in Radiant Bronze Light (which I've owned since it was released), this can only be a good thing - especially because I'm planning to pick up a full size of one of the new shades as soon as I've finished another bronzer - so it turned out to be money well-spent. Phew.

So, I've owned this mini bronzer since Christmas 2016 and it's now been open seven or so months. While it's had plenty of use since then, Hourglass powders don't show progress very quickly so I'm not surprised that it's still looking reasonably new.

As always my aim is to use this every day for at least two weeks and see if I can't make some visible progress. I also hope to review it during this time, so stay tuned for that if you're interested. 

After this, I may well bring in Radiant Bronze Light because I haven't reviewed that one either and I need to: it's the nicest bronzer I own!

The other thing worth mentioning now is that I started denting this product four days ago, which is when I took these photos. So I was a bit slow to get this post up but I'll make sure to factor those extra days in when it comes to looking at how much progress I've made down the track.

So, here's how my bronzer looked as of four days ago, so 12 July (direct sunlight):

Same shot, enhanced:

And in natural light:

Same shot, enhanced:

That's all from me!

I have a feeling we'll see some definite progress by the end of the denting period: even after only four days' use, I can see some already. This is because it's such a small pan but also because it's not as dark as Radiant Bronze Light so I use more each time.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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