Project Dent 2017 update: Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette


Two weeks ago I introduced this palette to my Project Dent series (see opening post here).

Since then I've used it every day in order to see progress, and as promised I've also reviewed it (see here).

What's interesting to note is that this palette has grown on me over the Project Dent period. Previously I felt the quality was good but I rarely reached for it (unless I wanted to use the shade Bananas, which I love) - reason being, it pulls too warm on me so it can make me look sick, and it's not a stand-alone palette for me because I always need to use a matte grey or cool brown transition colour from another palette, just to pull back the warmth of this one.

But I must say, I'm liking this palette better now that I've made myself use it every day for two weeks. During that time I've found some good combinations of shades and I've also worked out which shadows can be re-purposed for something else. For example, Spread the Love (the peach) is a useless shade for me because it doesn't have enough pigment. Others love it as a transition shade but it doesn't show up well on my eyes so it only works as a base shadow, but I can also use it as a blush if I build it. This is why it's got a good dip happening, even after only two weeks.

Indeed, I've started to think that this wouldn't be a bad pick for Pan that Palette 2018. I already know that I want to pan my Burberry quad, and I think the two would work well together because the Burberry one is a dud on me but it would be useful for pulling back the warmth of this palette.

Here's how my palette looked two weeks ago, at the start of the denting period:

Same shot, enhanced:

You can see that I've used it but not a hell of a lot. It's one of those palettes that I used when I first bought but then promptly forgot about (aside from Bananas, as mentioned).

Now for progress shots. I'll include a few because some of the shots show some shades better than others. 

Here's how it's looking now, after two weeks of daily use:

And again (the below shot shows the progress in Spread the Love especially):

Last one:

You should be able to see changes in the surfaces of all the shades, although of course you're not going to see a hell of a lot of movement in only two weeks.

The shades showing the most progress are the three larger pans - so Spread the Love, Bananas and Extra Creamy - because I was able to use those on the whole face and not just the eyes.

What I learned during the Project Dent period is that I really love Jammin' and Nuts About U when paired together for a simple eye look: those two shades work really well together.

The only issue with panning this next year is that I don't really want to finish Bananas because I love it so much (and it also looks extra beautiful if you put a tiny bit of Jelly over the top of it). So what I might do is pan it, but when those two shades get to the re-pressing stage, I'll put the crushed up bits in spare pans and add them to one of my self-made palettes so I can keep them a little longer.

What I might also do is run a round of Project Dent on both this and the aforementioned Burberry quad, just to confirm I can pan them together - so stay tuned for that if you're interested.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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