Palmer's Coconut Oil Body Oil - review


As you may know, I've had great experience with Palmer's body care in the past, and this is another product that I really enjoy. 

It's just a good body oil that does the job and doesn't cost the earth, and I would absolutely buy it again. More on that below.

Palmer's claims/product details:

  • A light, quickly absorbed oil that restores skin's natural oil balance and gives a healthy glow
  • Nourishes deeply yet absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy residue
  • The metered-pump bottle makes it easy to apply and perfect for travel
  • A deeply hydrating body oil that rejuvenates and replenishes the skin's moisture and radiance
  • No parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oil, no gluten, no sulphates, no dyes
  • Contains sustainably and ethically sourced coconut and Tahitian monoi oils
  • RRP $9.99 AUD for 150ml

The product comes with a pump, which I really like because oils can be messy and I always prefer to have pumps included with my body oils.

There's the pump below:


You may remember that I reviewed a Palmer's body oil a while ago that I absolutely loved (I've reviewed that here) and I expected this coconut version to be similar - just with a coconut fragrance - but I've found that they're quite different so one may suit some and the other may suit others.

It's a yellow-coloured oil that's quite thin in texture so a little goes a long way and it applies and spreads well. Indeed, despite frequent use, I've barely made a dent in this thing and I can see it lasting a lot longer than other oils, which of course makes it even better value on a price-per-use basis.

It also has a nice, soft coconut fragrance that isn't as strong as the Palmer's oil I've linked above, so you if you prefer the smell of coconut over chocolate and you don't like strong scents, this might be more your speed. It's also significantly thinner than the other oil (plus this one comes with a pump, whereas the other one doesn't) so that's something to keep in mind too.

As for how it performs, my skin loves this stuff. It's just what my dry skin needs, and even though my body isn't too dry at the moment because it's summer, this is the kind of lightweight but still nourishing oil that I could use at any time of year.

I use it perhaps three times a week on days after I've exfoliated or when my skin is feeling drier than usual, and it manages any discomfort immediately and soothes the tightness in my skin. 

Do note that while it absorbs very well and it is light, it still leaves a slight residue so it mightn't be the right product for those who prefer a super dry oil. I wouldn't call it greasy - not at all - but it's detectable on the skin after use (and the scent lingers) so that's another thing to consider.

On the claims: yes it's light and it absorbs quickly; yes it restores and replenishes the skin's moisture and gives a healthy glow; yes it's nourishing but no, I don't agree that it doesn't leave a residue (it does); and yes the pump makes it easy to apply.

All in all, I love this body oil and definitely recommend it. I haven't given it an HG tag but golly it's close, and it's been a favourite since I opened it.


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