Ariul Spa Water 24 Hours Moisturising Refreshing Mist - review


I received this in Memebox #37 Earth & Sea Cosmetics (see my review here). That box is probably the best box I've ever received, not only from Memebox but also in general.

I'm always happy to receive face mists, since I don't have too many in my back ups and I go through them so quickly. Plus they're handy for keeping your face hydrated throughout the day. I usually have one on the go in the bathroom and another in my handbag. And as the weather warms up, I find myself reaching for them ridiculously often.

Ariul claims/product details:
  • Made from pure spa water extracted from Belgium 
  • Rich in minerals and amino acids
  • Delivers instant replenishment to your skin, creating a moisture barrier for preventing any dehydration all day long
  • Can also be used as a boosting serum for enhancing the absorption of other skincare products
  • RRP $18US for 100ml


There's not much to say about this so I'll be quick. In short, I really like it.

It smells - and feels - wonderfully refreshing, like spring water. It also has a nicely nourishing effect and brightens/hydrates your face well. I'm at risk of going through the bottle too quickly because I love applying it so much!

My favourite face sprays have always been MAC Fix+ and Happy Skincare's Raindrops on Roses Tonic, and this one is now on that list. I would definitely buy it. I think it's hard to differentiate face mists because it's hard to f*ck 'em up but also hard to make them stand out. But this one is smashing.


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