Memebox Special #61 Volume Up!


I've had one of those weeks where four Memeboxes showed up and I had an oh shit moment, freaking out about how I was ever going to get through all that stuff?!

Then I remembered that I'm (thankfully) on a spending ban and have been for almost two months now, and all the expiry dates on the products I've received are either marked for late 2016 or early 2017. Thank golly!

This Volume Up box I ordered ages ago as part of a bundle, along with Special #59 Scrub 2 and Special #60 Oil Therapy

Since this box - on first glance - looked like the worst of the three, I'm taking a proper look at it last. I still don't think it looks amazeballs, but hopefully that will change once I've trialled all the products.

There's the card that came with the box.

So, this Volume Up box cost $23US plus $6.99 shipping (although because I bought it as part of a value set, I only paid $6.99 shipping total for the three boxes).

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Even though I'm not overjoyed by all the products, at least there's a good mix happening: a couple for the eyes, a couple for the lips, one for hair and one each for face and body. Variety is the spice of life afterall ; )

Note that all products are full-sized, aside from the hair product, which is a decent travel-sized sample. Also, all stated prices are in USD.

803 803 Sam B Cream (RRP $34 for 50g)

Now this one I'm excited about. It's the most expensive item in the box (not that price necessarily means quality) and also the one that I'll use straight away because I have nothing like it.

You could have received the bust cream or the hip one, and I'm super glad I got the bust one because lord knows what's gonna happen to my breastal region from now until I've finished breastfeeding. Ha. Although I should say that, there's not a hell of a lot you can do in terms of sag-factor - that sh*t's largely determined by genetics (same goes with stretchmarks). Still, I'd prefer to tell myself that I'm 'protecting' that area hehe.

The cream is designed to nourish, rejuvenate and add extra volume to your gonzagas. It's enriched with shea butter, adenosine, adipophilin, niacinamide and borphilin - all of which apparently have brightening and firming functions. It's also got five natural essential oils in there.


UPDATE: Full review here. This is one of those products where the claims go to the moon and back and the product itself doesn't deliver a scrap of them. And I reckon that's a problem with Memebox in general: the whole not-living-up-to-claims thing happens all too often.

This product has a weird, whipped yoghurt-like texture that's pretty unappealing. Also unappealing is the smell - I can't quite pinpoint it, but it's earthy and dirty, with something chemical in there as well.

Despite using it religiously as directed, I saw no results. It's also not particularly moisturising, so I didn't get any joy from using it.

Don't bother.

Enesti Ultra Volume Mascara (RRP $9 for 7ml)

Look, I really don't need another mascara - I've so many in stock (received from sub boxes etc) that need to be used first. Still, since you're only meant to use them for a few months (otherwise you risk eye infection), I'll pop this at the back of the queue because I'm sure I'll get to it at some point.

It's apparently a volumising mascara that delivers pumped-up, glamorous lashes, and is enriched with Vitamin E. Since I have short lashes, I tend to need lengthening more than volume - but hopefully this delivers both.

UPDATE: Full review here. Happily I'm liking this mascara a lot more than I thought I would. I'm pretty picky when it comes to mascara: as mentioned that's because I have short lashes and need lengthening action more than anything else. Also, I prefer a more natural looking mascara that doesn't make my lashes look ridiculously thick.

Fortunately this product ticks all boxes: the brush is designed well for easier application; there's some great lengthening action; and my lashes still look natural enough.

Yay. A Memebox product I'm happy with!

Mise En Scene 2x Curling Essence 30ml (RRP $12 for 150ml)

This is the only sample size in the box - and it's a decent-sized sample. It's apparently a nourishing leave-in treatment that rejuvenates dry, damaged hair and boosts its volume and shine. You apply it on towel-dried or blow-dried hair and leave it in.

This sounds like a good product for me because my poor hair is definitely dry and damaged. Mind you, I have sooooooooooooo many hair products to use (also received from sub boxes etc) and they take so blo*dy long to get through!

Still, fingers crossed it's a good product.

UPDATE: Unfortunately this is pretty crap. I reckon it's hard to do hair treatments like this one well, but it's also hard to stuff them up - and this one's a stuff up.

All it seems to do is weigh my hair down and make it look dull, without doing anything in terms of moisturisation and shine. Maybe it makes it look a bit thicker because it chucks a dull coat over the hair, but really there's not much going on with this to comment on.

Suspect I'll use it for a week or so more - just to confirm my opinion and try it in different ways - then it's destined for the shower to be used as a treatment (which is what I do with products like this one that I don't think much of: they often seem to work well enough as treatments and it's a way of getting through them).

Shara Shara Glitter Pearl Powder WH01 Snow White (RRP $7 for 2.2g)

Oh no. Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha. You have to laugh really. If you read this blog, you may recall that I received a gold version of this in Memebox Special #37 Wake Up Makeup and really didn't like it (see review of the product here). As I mention in that review, this is essentially $7 glitter, albeit more finely milled.

Look, since it appears slightly less glittery than the gold version, I'll give it a bit of a go and maybe add it to my primer and see if I can use it as an illuminator under foundation. But if I end up with glitter-face, I'll do with this what I did with the last one - give it to a friend who has a daughter. We'll tell her it's fairy dust and she can make sparkly drawings with it.

UPDATE: I gave this away. Not much more to say about it ; )

Tonymoly Kiss Lover Lip Plumper 02 Hoot Mint (RRP $8 for 4.6ml)

This is meant to plump up and smooth your lips. It contains Vitamin E acetate, argan oil and MAXI-LIP complex (which comprises marine collagen and olive peptide), and aims to fill in fine lines, moisturise and add extra gloss and shine.

I've never owned a dedicated lip plumper so I don't mind this inclusion. Mind you, many glosses I own have a plumping effect and I'm happy with those - so we'll see if this adds anything different.

UPDATE: I used the other lip plumper (see below) before this one, and the other one is the better product. This one's fine, it just doesn't plump as well and transfers more easily. I'm also not sure about the cooling/minty thing (I don't like the sensation and the smell is too toothpasty for me). It gives a wet look with a slight shimmer. It's fine and I'll use it, I'm just much more excited about the Pureplus+ product below.

Mizon Water Volume Acqua Gel Cream (RRP $9 for 50ml)

This is apparently a lightweight, fast-absorbing facial cream that's enriched with Alaska glacier water, deep ocean water, coral water, witch hazel leaf, watermelon, basil leaf, lotus, niacinamide and birch tree sap. It aims to balance out and brighten up uneven skintone, and deliver an instant moisture boost.

I don't know why, but this one doesn't strike me as potentially a good product. Could be the price, packaging or the weight? Maybe that I don't know when I'll use it? Anyway, we'll see ; )

UPDATE: Full review here. This is a gel (rather than a 'gel cream') and it's pretty much as you might expect it to be - a little sticky (like aloe vera gel), clear, smells refreshing and leaves a thin film on your face. It's not particularly hydrating and I've noticed no brightening effect. One thing to note is that it doesn't sit well over makeup (it 'curdles'/separates my foundation), so do be aware of that. And what it does to makeup is the deal-breaker for me - so this one's going straight to the body section. I've much better products to use on my face.

Pureplus+ Lip Treatment Milk Bebe (RRP $10 for 10g)

According to the product card, this treatment is proven to replenish, nourish and plump dry, chapped lips. It's formulated with a high concentration of collagen, which penetrates the skin to fill in wrinkles and plump the lips.

Meh. Sounds a bit too similar to the other product, doesn't it? Another one for the back of the queue. Hoh well. You never know, it might surprise me.

UPDATE: Believe it or not, I like this a hell of a lot more than I thought I would. It doesn't look like a product I would like, but it's one I'm enjoying using. Why? Because it's a comfortable, clear lip plumper that makes my lips look all nice and full. A great product to chuck over eg a tint that's on the drying side, to keep your lips moisturised and juicy. Plus it feels like it has a protective factor too, in terms of shielding your lips from the elements.

Also, my husband saw me wearing this for the first time and said 'I love that colour on you'. I told him it wasn't a colour, just a clear plumper, and he was extra excited because he hates bright makeup. My lips definitely look better with this on. Everyone's happy ; )


This one clocks in at a total price of $79.40, so it's the lowest value box I've received (in terms of outlay versus RRP contents). That doesn't necessarily mean it's not a good box, it's just a comment.

I think the reason I wasn't thrilled when I opened this was that I feel like I've seen it all before - nothing in there is particularly interesting.

The best item in there is the bust cream and I'll open that today. As for the other items, they've all gone to the back of the queue.

What did others think of this box? Is it a bit boring, or is that just me?

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