The Cosmetic Kitchen Macadamia Wax Creme Highlighter - review and swatches


We received this in our September Lust Have It boxes (reviewed here) and, as mentioned in my review, I thought it was probably the best product in the box when I opened it. I confirmed this when I trialled the product over the last week : )

The Cosmetic Kitchen claims/product details:
  • Velvet smooth, luxurious and nourishing 
  • Made with Australian macadamia nut wax
  • Multi-purpose, shimmery highlighter
  • Apply to cupids bow, browbone and upper cheeks for highlighting and radiance; alternatively apply over matte lipstick or liners for an instant shimmery pout
  • Ingredients include castor oil, jojoba oil, macadamia nut wax, vitamin e and white grapefruit essential oil
  • RRP $24.50 for 6g
  • Available here

Here's an unblended swatch above and a blended one below. I love how the product doesn't show noticeable glitter when applied - just adds a nice sheen.

Below I've applied it to my cheeks, eyelids and browbone. Nice and subtle! Also adds a touch of barely there colour.

Here's the other side, for good measure. You'll see that it's settled into the crease of my eyelid, so I wouldn't recommend using it there (eh, worth a try ; ) ).


I really love this. Yes, it lives up to its claims - it adds a nice sheen without going overboard, and does feel nourishing and smooth.

I like that it's a different kind of illuminator/highlighter - it's not a traditional runny liquid or powder. Makes a nice change, and it's a dream to apply. 

It's creamy and blends well, and it's a fairly sheer product so it's hard to overdo if you accidentally squeeze too much out of the tube on your first couple of applications (as I did!).

On that, while I like the tube/applicator in theory, it's really easy to squeeze out too much - so do be aware of that. Maybe in future The Cosmetic Kitchen might consider making the mouth of the tube a little smaller, or rethinking the packaging design altogether. 

While you can squeeze lightly if you're careful, I do wonder how much product wastage there'll be at the end. I suspect it will be difficult to get product out when I've used say three quarters of the product: the tube is sturdy/tough and doesn't lend itself to eg rolling up (as other tubes do). Although you can unscrew the top, that doesn't help too much in getting to the bottom and sides of the product. I guess you could use a skinny brush, but that's getting a bit messy/hard work for a lazy lass like me - particularly with a wax product like this one (as opposed to a liquid, which is obviously easier to move).

As with most tubes, I'll likely cut it when I can't squeeze any more product out - and I might need some garden shears for that job! - but I reckon there'll still be a lot of product to get through and I won't want to leave it in an opened tube (it will go hard/expire all too quickly), meaning I'll have to scrape the remnants into eg an empty pot. This is a packaging issue - not a product issue - but packaging can be really important.

Packing issues aside, this is a really lovely product and one I'm enjoying. I can see myself getting through it all too quickly, in part because it's quite sheer and in part due to the over-squeeze issues.


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