Memebox Special #60 Oil Therapy - review


Man was I glad to see the postie when he arrived this morning! Since going on my spending ban, there's been a severe lack of deliveries and I've been feeling more than a bit dejected ; )

Happily this box (along with two others, #59 Scrub 2 and #61 Volume Up, which I'll review in the next couple of days) was ordered before I cut off my beauty IV!

Unfortunately the other two boxes didn't excite me too much when I opened them and this looked like the best of the three, which is why I'm reviewing it first. I'll look at the other two with fresh eyes when I open them again - it may just be that I'm not in a particularly excited mood today (might have something to do with all the adminny crap I'm trawling through as we speak) and I'll be more excited tomorrow. It could also be that my last box, #63 Blackheads No More (see review here) blew my socks off so much that anything else was going to pale by comparison.

This one didn't look too smashing when I opened it, but became more promising on review of the product card. I wonder whether I just got turned off by the Cheek Room box (I've recently tried a lip gloss from that brand and it was beyond rubbish), and also that I've seen most of the brands before.

That's a problem with Memebox, I reckon - quite a few brands seem to be on heavy circulation and part of the reason I buy boxes is to discover new brands.


This one cost $29US plus $6.99 shipping (although because I bought it as part of a value set, I only paid $6.99 shipping total for the three boxes).

Before we get stuck into things, here are my December Affiliate Codes:
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I should also say that this box was the main reason I bought the value set - I'm something of an oil junkie because my skin and hair tend towards dryness - and I was looking forward to this more than the other two boxes.

Also, because I'm pregnant and am expanding across the mid section, I've been using a lot of oil to stop my skin itching. So I'll definitely be using these products, and soon! As always, I'll update this review once I've trialled everything and can let you know what I think of things.

Six full size products - gotta be happy with that.

Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Blackhead Deep Cleansing Oil Balm (RRP $8 for 25g)

This one is apparently one of Holika Holika's cult favourites. Since I'm desperately in love with Happy Skincare's Deep Cleansing Balm and this looks like a similar product, I wonder whether it will cut the mustard. Guess we'll see!

It goes on as a solid balm and transforms into a silky oil that's meant to dissolve blackheads, oil and impurities. It contains pink clay to extract oil and blackheads from the pores, lemon extracts to clarify and smooth out the skin's surface, and aloe vera leaf extracts to soothe inflamed skin and shrink enlarged pores.

I'm looking forward to trying this one and happily have nothing like it open. Might just sneak it forward in the queue and open it today : )

UPDATE: Full review here. In short, this isn't a great product (and yes, Happy's comparable product is much, much better). It doesn't clean very well and leaves behind an oily film, meaning you have to double cleanse afterwards - just to get rid of the product itself first, and then whatever grime is left underneath it. And it does not 'dissolve' blackheads (my golly, what a claim). Bet you're not surprised ; )

ProYou Eucalyptus (RRP $24 for 10ml)

The product card describes this as a soothing facial oil packed with remedial and restorative eucalyptus essential oil to treat skin irritations and preserve a youthful appearance. To use, apply it to troubled spots, mix a drop in with your facial cream, toner or mask, or pour a little into a bath for some aromatherapy fun.

Yay to facial oils. I've got one open at the moment but I'll give this a go once it's finished.

UPDATE: Full review here. In short, I really didn't like this at all. Aside from not being a particularly hydrating oil, the smell is so potent that it makes your eyes water and feels like it's burning you (even though it isn't). I couldn't bring myself to keep using it on my face, so it's now getting mixed in with body cream - and even then the smell kills me! Avoid.

Migabee Verbena Oil Serum (RRP $29 for 30ml)

I've got a set of Migabee products from the Blackheads No More box, so I might put this in with those and open/use them together - when it comes to skincare, products from the same brand often work in concert.

This is apparently formulated for the face and neck, and is a non-greasy and naturally soothing, brightening and anti-ageing supporting treatment that provides intense hydration, protection and rejuvenation to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for soft, radiant skin.

You can apply it like a moisturiser and also mix it with foundation, BB or CC cream. I often apply facial oils before or after powder foundations since those tend to be drying but I do like using them some days - so I might do that with this product.

UPDATE: Full review here. In short, I really love this and it's the best item in the box. It's a thinner oil (I guess that's why it's called an 'oil serum') and it absorbs really well. My dry skin loves it and I think the product lives up to its claims - it's hydrating and nourishing, plus it definitely brightens my skin and reduces fine lines. I'll be sad when the bottle is gone!

Cheek Room Lip & Eye Makeup Remover (RRP $12 for 100ml)

Look, I'll try to keep an open mind with this product after my bad experience with that Cheek Room lip gloss from the Wake Up Makeup Box (seriously, it wasn't just bad - it was probably the most ridiculous product I've ever come across).

Brand aside, I'm glad to have received a makeup remover since I don't currently have one. Makeup remover is something I don't normally buy because I have good cleansers, face wipes and toners that do the job well; but I'll use this in place of my face wipes once the pack I'm using currently is done.

According to the product card, it's a moisturising product with dual layers of cyclomethicone and rose water that quickly and easily remove all traces of waterproof and stubborn eye makeup and lipstick.

Let's see if Cheek Room can redeem itself ; )

UPDATE: Full review here. In short, this is a really oily product and I don't love it. While it works well enough, it leaves an oily residue on your face that means you have to double cleanse afterwards - just to get rid of the product itself first, before you can remove any leftover dirt and makeup. I wouldn't buy this, though it has reminded me of the value of using makeup removers so I might have to source another one when I've finished this product.

ProYou Aroma Vita Oil (RRP $37 for 165ml)

This is the most expensive item in the box. It apparently contains a luxurious blend of vita complex, camellia oil and jojoba oil to soothe and rejuvenate your face and body. It aims to leave your skin soft, supple and clarified.

Looks like you can use it a few different ways: rub it where you want to, massage and then rinse off; add a few drops to the bath; or apply it all over after your shower. I'll most likely be using it as an all-over body product.

UPDATE: This is really lovely and I'm enjoying using it. It has a wonderful lemon scent and absorbs nicely. Yes it's an oil but it's not too greasy and I'm happy to use it on both my face and body. It's hydrating and my skin's thanking me for it - particularly after a day in the sun. I'm not sure why you'd want to wash it off after use: I'm using it all over and leaving it on.

Bobbish Luminous Body & Facial Mist (RRP $8 for 100g)

From memory this was the sneak peek item. Formulated with hydrating argan oil, it's described as a non-greasy, light micro-mist that penetrates quickly and deeply, and contains skin-loving ingredients to send moisture deep into the skin and calm its surface.

You can use it before and after makeup and on your body too. I'm just about through the face spray I'm using, so this is a timely inclusion.

UPDATE: It's rare that I'll come across a face mist I don't like (I think they're pretty hard to stuff up), but this is one of them. It doesn't absorb well at all - maybe because it's got oil in it - and seems to sit on top of the skin, rather than getting in there and plumping it up. This is especially the case if you apply it over makeup (which is always what I do with these things): I guess the oil in makeup helps cause this to sit on top of whatever products you have on. I'll use it but I'm not a fan.


I'm reasonably happy with this box but not overjoyed by it. Hopefully that changes once I've trialled the products.

To be honest, I was pretty surprised that nothing in here cracked $40 - particularly because this was a $29 box and not a $23 one. While the total RRP value clocks in at $118 (so the box is worth the outlay in theory), I've certainly received better value boxes from Memebox.

Anyhoo, there's a good mix of products in here and what I like about this box is that I don't have 564 back ups of everything I've received (yes, I'm a beauty junkie ; ) ), so things will get used - and used soon.

Did anyone else buy this box? What did you think?

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