Skinria Smart 4.0 CC Cream SPF34 PA++ - review


This will be a difficult review in some ways because it wasn't until I sat down to write it that I discovered how little information is available online about the product (at least in English - and even that comes from dodgy Google translations).

I bought it from Memebox a couple of months back for the grand total of $3US: while it normally retails for $18US, it was discounted and also on the free shipping list, plus I had a bundle of points to use up. Being able to get it for $3 was one of the main reasons I bought it - and also because I'm a CC/BB cream junkie and I needed a fix ; )

While it was available from the Memebox shop, it's not now unfortunately - so I can't use that as a source of product information. 

I still want to review the product, however: it may be re-stocked and I certainly would have been happy to see an English review of this prior to purchasing (so it may be useful to someone in future).

Skinria claims/product details:
  • Moisturising, whitening and anti-wrinkle 'complete combo'
  • Suitable for all skin colours (this is wrong - I'll talk about that more below)
  • High SPF
  • All in one, '3 care system'
  • Evens skintone and covers imperfections
  • RRP $18US for 30ml
  • Shelf-life: 12 months

See above wrist swatch - there's an unblended stripe below and a blended patch above. You can see how pale it is. It does not colour correct and adapt to your skintone. Note the pump applicator, which I like - saves mess and it's easy to control the amount of product you're using.

Here's a closer look:

Below is my skin without the product:

And here it is below with the product. While it does even out skintone, it makes me look white as a sheet (like I've just slapped on a whole lot of thick, zinc sunscreen).

I'm not sure whether the photo shows just how bad the colour match is. If you click on the below image to enlarge it, you should be able to see the little white dots in my pores, to give you an indication of the product's failure to adapt.


Look, if your skin is paler than mine and you think the colour is a match, I reckon this is a good product.

It applies well and has a good dose of sunscreen in it, plus it covers imperfections and gives a nice dewy glow. If it was the right colour for me, I'd likely be thrilled with it. It is not. This is annoying: Korean CC creams do, in my experience, colour correct and the whole 'one size fits all' thing usually works reasonably well. This is the case with my Erborian CC cream, which I love to bits.

What's good about this product is that, despite the high SPF (and it does smell of sunscreen), it's not greasy and you're fine to use it without powder (in my case, anyway - but I do have dry skin).

What's not good about it is the colour problem. So in my case, this will only ever be used as a primer - and I may even end up using it as a dedicated sunscreen for my arms/shoulders when I'm mucking around at home and won't be out in public looking like a ghost.

Eh, a $3 sunscreen ain't half bad ; )

If this product looks like your colour, I'll also say that it wears reasonably well - although you may need to reapply it after 4 hours or so (which you should do anyway, if you're counting on it for sun protection). It's also a good base for makeup/powder, if you're wanting more coverage.

So yes, it's hard to give a defined verdict on this cream due to the colour issues and the general lack of product info in English. But hopefully this review is helpful to anyone thinking of buying it!

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