The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter - review


Products from The Body Shop remind me of when I was a teenager and went to select a few goodies for friends' birthdays. I would watch in fascination as the sales assistant arranged them in nice little baskets, wrapped them in plastic and then took out a hair-dryer to shrink the plastic to fit.

I used to receive bundles like that from friends too and really loved them. The Body Shop packs seemed to be the standard gift. I'm not sure why The Body Shop eventually fell off my beauty radar (maybe it's marketed at younger lasses), but I still enjoy going in there sometimes and testing the products.

And I reckon you really can't go past these body butters; it's unusual that we won't have one of them sitting in the bathroom at home. Since Mex goes bananas for anything that smells or tastes like coconut, this is usually the one we use - but I also love the brazil nut version.

The Body Shop claims/product details:
  • For supple, silky and super-soft skin 
  • Delicious, creamy and decadently thick
  • Made with Community Fair Trade organic virgin coconut oil, shea butter and Community Fair Trade cocoa butter
  • Melts at body temperature, so it absorbs easily to provide good hydration, without leaving a greasy residue
  • Soft texture and delicious scent
  • Provides long-lasting, intense moisture to dry skin
  • RRP $7.95 for 50ml and $23.95 for 200ml
  • Available online here

Note: according to The Body Shop, Coconut Body Butter doesn't just help your skin – it helps disadvantaged communities too. The company uses organic virgin coconut oil from Women In Business Development, which provides a living for 200 families across villages on the island of Samoa.


Not much to say here except that these body butters are wonderful and live up to their claims. I don't like all the scents (some are too sweet for me), but there's a bundle of flavours to suit everyone.

I love the smell of this one and the brazil nut version, and they're smashing to use - rich enough for those with dry skin but not too greasy or heavy. They moisturise brilliantly and feel good for your skin too.

I'm yet to find a body butter I prefer in this price range that's widely available in Australia (comparable products from the European brand Rituals do trump these, however), but I tend not to buy them unless I can get them on special: they're a bit pricey and you can find cheaper products that do the job just as well (eg, Palmer's Cocoa Butter, my HG body cream at the cheaper end of the spectrum and one that smells just as good).

In short, I love these products and enjoy using them, and I have now for a couple of decades : )

Do you have products from The Body Shop that you love? I'm sure there are plenty of things I've overlooked!

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