Milk & Co Body Scrub - review


I bought this body scrub from the Bellabox shop towards the beginning of the year. While I opened it not too long after, I've barely used it and I'm only reviewing it now - the truth is, it's not the best scrub I own and I keep forgetting to use it.

I bought it because I needed a scrub and I was interested in trialling something from this brand.

Milk & Co is an Australian natural skincare company that was started by Michael Klim (the Oz swimmer) and his wife Lindy. Products are 95% naturally derived and reasonably priced. For more info on the company, see the Milk & Co website.

Milk & Co claims/product details:
  • A body scrub that brings the beach to you
  • Contains coconut shell, a natural exfoliate and rosehip oil, to help maintain optimal skin health
  • Smooths and exfoliates
  • Smells good enough to eat
  • Other ingredients include aloe vera, lavender oil and cinnamon bark oil
  • RRP $14.95 for 375ml
  • Available in the Bellabox shop, on the the Milk & Co website, and at various pharmacies and supermarkets


This product is ok - it's just not a great scrub. You can see from the above photo that there's not a lot going on in terms of scrubby matter and what's there is too finely milled - at least for me.

I've mentioned quite a few times on this blog that I prefer cleansing products that clean well and/or scrub well. Since this doesn't feel scrubby enough for me, nor does it foam up and feel like it cleans well, it's one of those products that's probably doing more than you think it is, but the experience of using it is all a bit meh.

For lasses with sensitive skin, you might really like this because it does feel super gentle. It's also reasonably priced and the bottle is large and sturdy, so it'll last you a while.

The smell is very subtle and not so exciting - I smell cinnamon and passionfruit, which is weird because there's no passionfruit in there.

This is one of those products that I'm going to have to force myself to use to finish it, since I don't love it but also don't dislike it enough to see if I can find a better home for it.

Ok, nothing wonderful. I'd be interested in hearing what others think of this.

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