Eslor Firming Eye Cream and Eslor Rejuvenating Day Cream - review


This will be my final Eslor post for the moment: I'm just about through the travel sized products I've been using since the beginning of September, and while I have another round of them to use, I'd like to move on to trying out some products received from Memebox last month.

Eslor's Firming Eye Cream and Rejuvenating Day Cream are both sensational products, and ones that I'll definitely consider re-purchasing once I've gotten through my skincare stores (if that ever happens, just looking at the Memebox stock!).

Eslor claims/product details

Firming Eye Cream:
  • Re-plumped, renewed, brighter skin
  • A delicate, eye micro-emulsion with multi-vitamins and peptides that lifts, brightens and helps remove fine lines
  • Encapsulated extracts and vitamins gently calm inflammation, while toning and brightening delicate tissue under the eyes
  • Active ingredients: aloe vera gel, olive oil, mango butter, peach kernel oil, retinyl palmitate, almond oil, shea butter, ginseng extract, arnica, safflower oil and calendula extracts
  • 100% free of parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES)
  • According to the Eslor website, clinical use of Eslor's Firming Eye Cream resulted in a dramatic 51% reduction of wrinkles on week 4 and 54% on week 8
  • RRP $75USD for 30ml
  • Available here

Rejuvenating Day Cream:
  • An instant youth and beauty boost
  • Hydrating and nutritive cream that acts against skin dehydration and effectively helps to improve firmness, prevent fine lines and dryness
  • Active ingredients: aloe vera gel, squaline and sweet almond oil, vitamin E, pentapeptides, horsetail, arnica and hops extracts
  • 100% free of parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES)
  • RRP $78USD for 50ml
  • Available here

Verdict, Eslor Firming Eye Cream

I love this. It's a nice, heavy cream (but not too heavy/greasy) that absorbs well and keeps my eye area nicely plumped. It definitely has a brightening effect, although I can't say that I've noticed any impact on my wrinkles. Otherwise it lives up to its claims.

The only thing I don't like about this is the container - I think it should probably be a pump bottle. While I'm ok with the container for day/night creams etc since you get through those more quickly (so less time for bacteria build-up when you dip your finger in there twice a day), eye creams last a lot longer because you're only supposed to use around a grain of rice for each eye.

That's my only 'complaint' however. Otherwise I reckon this is a smashing eye cream and good for those of us who are no longer in our twenties (!).

I'll definitely look at repurchasing this product in future.


Verdict, Eslor Rejuvenating Day Cream

Another great product from Eslor, and I'd say it lives up to its claims. It's hydrating and feels like it's doing great things for your skin. It definitely keeps my skin moisturised throughout the day and makes it look firmer and plumper. Once it's on, my fine lines all but disappear.

It's a more expensive cream (keeping in mind that it's a larger size than the standard 30ml), but it's a good investment and the tub will last a while if you apply it sparingly. While I prefer Eslor's Firming Collagen Day cream - just! - over this one (see my review of that product here), it's still a wonderful product and better than many I've found on the market (including high-end ones).

In any event, I'm much happier to spend a little more on skincare than I am on makeup - particularly because plenty of great pharmacy brand makeup alternatives exist. I have skin that tends towards dryness and can be a little sensitive, so I'm all for making good skincare investments that mean I don't need to wear makeup if I don't want to : )


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