Cheek Room Two Colour Lip Gloss in 07 Lavender & Pink Beige - review and swatches


I received this gloss in Memebox Special #37 Wake Up Makeup (see my review of the box here).

I'm a total lip gloss junkie and go through far too many of them (I have super dry lips), so I'm always happy to receive one.

I was immediately suss about the product because the information card basically set it up as being able to perform backflips, and it certainly doesn't look like a backflippy kind of product.

At least I got the purple version.

Cheek Room claims/product details:
  • Dual lip gloss that provides a liquid lip colour with the intense, long-lasting hold of a lip stain and the shine of a gloss
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof, with no fading or transferring
  • Pigmented and opaque with a matte texture
  • Non-sticky topcoat adds an extreme lacquered finish
  • Moisturises, nourishes and firms your lips
  • Liquid tint helps to express a lively colour on lips
  • To use: use tip to apply to lips; spread well; wait 30 seconds after first application and apply gloss on top for a super glossy effect
  • Key ingredients: rose water, lotus extract, grape seed oil, shea butter and olive oil derivative
  • RRP $12 for 8ml
  • Available in three shades: 06 Red & Peach; 07 Lavender & Pink Beige; 08 Wine & Nude Peach

See what I mean about backflips? From a product that has one applicator for two shades banged on top of each other? Hmm...

Anyhoo, see swatch below. I'm not even sure what's providing that slight hint of 'colour' - it could be the so-called lavender or the pink beige. 

Essentially, it's clear.


This has to be one of the most ridiculous products I've ever come across. I've looked at other bloggers' views on this, and that opinion appears unanimous. 

It is not pigmented and opaque, nor is it waterproof, smudge proof or transfer free. 

It's a gloss, not a stain, and the two colours mix themselves together whenever you move the applicator in and out of the tube - so it ends up looking like a mess in all of about three uses. 

Having said this, it's an ok clear gloss so I will use it. I really don't understand how Cheek Room could have rabbited on with all those claims and expected anyone to believe/agree with them?!

If it had been called a sheer gloss, perhaps no one would have complained about it. Some bloggers have said they're planning to throw it straight in the bin - and fair enough. While I won't do that, I reckon Cheek Room should remember that if you huff and puff, all you'll do is blow the damn house down. 

I mean really.

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