Allegra Rhodes Ocean Mist Body Wash - review


I bought four Allegra Rhodes products after trying a sample handcream in Bellabox last year, and this is the last one that I opened. I had so many body washes on the go (often cleansers from Memebox that I hadn't liked enough to use on my face) that it took me a while to get to this one.

It's been nice to switch over to a dedicated body wash this month, and one I'm enjoying using. While it's not my favourite body wash - I tend to prefer scrubs, and nothing compares to the self-foaming goodness of my HG shower gel from Rituals (reviewed here) - it's certainly better than most. This has a lot to do with the scent, and it's the gorgeous scent of all the Allegra Rhodes products I've tried that defines them.

Allegra Rhodes claims/product details:
  • Indulge your senses and treat yourself daily with this sensual body wash
  • An awakening blend of fresh bergamot and zesty lemon, rounded with a divine oceanic scent and layered with jasmine, rose and sandalwood, plus heart notes of violet and thyme
  • Invigorating and reviving
  • Contains only Australian ingredients
  • 100% sulphate and paraben free
  • Scented with eau de parfum
  • RRP $29.95 for 450ml


While the range of Allegra Rhodes hand and nail creams remains my favourite, I'm enjoying this body wash too. The fragrance is lovely - fresh, light and clean - and a few guests have commented on the smell of our Ocean Mist hand wash when they've visited (which of course smells the same as this product).

Available fragrances include this one, Sweet Apple & Grapefruit (which smells exactly like the original DKNY Be Delicious fragrance), Red Lychee and Cherry Blossom. I haven't tried the Cherry Blossom, but the other three are lovely. Ocean Mist and Sweet Apple & Grapefruit are my favourites. What I love about the fragrance of these products is that it's strong enough to linger on your skin without being overpowering.

Also, Allegra Rhodes is an Australian brand and I do like buying local products. For more information on the company, see its website here.

Aside from my love of the fragrances of these products, I also love the packaging and I've kept the boxes as display items because the design looks nice against the bathroom tiles. Packaging is hardly a reason to buy a product, but many of us are swayed by how things look - and these look good.

While this is a little expensive for a body wash, there's almost half a litre of the stuff so it will last you for ages. Plus Allegra Rhodes sometimes runs promotions, and you can always use up some points and grab one of the brand's products from the Bellabox shop.

Unlike eg the hand and nail creams from this range, there's probably not a lot to say about the quality of this body wash itself (other than the amazing smell) - I reckon it's pretty hard to bugger up a body wash. It cleans well and smells nice and isn't drying. What else is there?

Ticks from me.

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