Natural World Moroccan Argan Oil - review


I received this hair oil in February's Violet Box. It's the second vial of this one I own because I also picked one up in the Bellabox FB Swap group a while back, so I was a little annoyed that I wound up with a product that's already done the subscription rounds (I prefer trying new things!), but at least it's one I like and will use.

Natural World claims/product details:
  • A leave-in treatment oil that locks in moisture, nourishes and restores shine
  • Luxurious and lightweight 
  • Infused with precious certified organic argan oil
  • Rich in nourishing vitamin E and anti-oxidants
  • Used for centuries by Berber women to achieve beautiful, healthy hair
  • Argan oil is known for its outstanding cosmetic properties, which include the ability to smooth, repair and add softness
  • Can be used on towel dried hair, mixed in with conditioner, or used after blow-drying to tame frizz and add shine
  • RRP $5.99 for 25ml


There's really not much to say about this product other than yes it's a hair oil and yes it works well on dry hair.

I've used so many hair oils in my time and I really can't distinguish them - they all perform the same function and do it just as well as the next one. That's why I would never buy an expensive hair oil: it's not necessary. This one however is a cheapie and I like the travel sized bottle, so it's one I would consider buying in future.

Yes it lives up to its claims: it nourishes, repairs, tames frizz and adds shine and moisture. I think $6 is a fair price for this little bottle and it will last a fair while because a little goes a long way.

A decent product and one I will use. I've got one in my handbag and one in the bathroom, and it will no doubt take me ages to get through them! That's why I would never buy the 100ml bottle: I would never finish it before it went rancid.

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