Withme White Perfection Marin Silk Formula Hydrating Cream - review


I received this cream in Memebox Special #73 Brighten & Correct. At first I quite liked it, but now that the weather is getting colder and my skin drier, my face isn't liking it at all.

After doing some research I've discovered this cream contains alcohol, so that might be why. It's drying and I've stopped using it on my face: it's gone straight to the body cream department, along with most of the other face products from this box. Not ideal!

Withme claims/product details:
  • Contains over 24,000mg of silk concentrates and ocean complex
  • The silk formula is rich in protein and amino acid
  • Effectively detoxifies the skin of melanin pigments
  • The blend of sea minerals deeply relieves and replenishes dry, exhausted skin
  • RRP $43 for 120ml


This is the second product I've received in this box that came with bung packaging - argh! If you stand it upright, the inner cap mechanism obviously isn't designed well because product leaks into the cap from the tube, so I'm having to stand it inversely and that doesn't make for easy placement in the bathroom. Annoying.

It's a clear, light, apple-smelling cream (that's really a gel or serum) that's a little sticky but not terribly so. At first I thought it might end up being my favourite item in the box, but I was using it when it was warmer then and with different skincare than I'm using at the moment. Now that I've brought it back into circulation, I don't think much of it at all unfortunately. 

I think the alcohol content may be the issue with this cream for me - it's drying and a little irritating, and I've stopped using it on my face. As mentioned above, it's gone to the body cream section and I'll mix it with my regular cream to make the latter last longer (I can get away with lesser creams on my body but not on my face).

I'd be careful with this one if you have dry or sensitive skin.

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