Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash - review


I received this eye cream in a little Clarins pack that Santa gave me. I was expecting to love it since I love the pants off Clarins' Beauty Flash Balm, but unfortunately this product didn't deliver.

Clarins claims/product details:
  • Quick lift for tired eyes
  • Contains refreshing rose petals, lily and white tea extracts, and a combination of other potent botanicals, vitamins and corrective pigments 
  • Acts like an invisible, radiance-boosting patch with a refreshing micro-gel texture
  • Releases toxins to minimise dark circles, tighten eye contours, decongest and de-puff
  • Hydrates and protects the delicate skin around eyes, while chasing away fine lines caused by stress, strain, allergies and fatigue
  • Keep it in your emergency kit
  • Protects skin against dehydration while fighting free radicals
  • Apply morning and/or evening before makeup with light tapping motions over the whole eye contour area
  • A complementary treatment that does not replace other Clarins eye contour products
  • RRP $40 for 20ml, but do shop around


I was expecting to love this one and I really don't. Foo!

For me it does nothing: it's not hydrating, has no effect on dark circles or wrinkles, and doesn't particularly revive my eye area either. I also don't think it moisturises properly. What a let-down!

I'm surprised because Clarins' Beauty Flash Balm is just so good and I'd thought this would be too. 

I've had a look online and most people agree with me, lamenting that this does nothing and comparing it to the far-superior Beauty Flash Balm.

I definitely wouldn't buy this. If you've had your eye on it because you love the original product, I strongly recommend testing it first.

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