ProYouS Pore Control Foam Deep Cleanser - review


I received this product in Memebox Superbox #63 Blackheads No More. That box is shaping up to be one of the best boxes I've received from Memebox, and this product is definitely one of the better cleansers I've come across in my Memebox dabblings.

ProYou claims/product details:
  • An invigorating cleanser that contains a powerful blend of pore refining ingredients to remove impurities and blackheads without drying or irritating the skin
  • Formulated with special oxygen bubbles, collagen and hydraulic acid to cleanse and purify the pores while smoothing the skin
  • RRP $34 for 100ml


This is the third self-foaming cleanser I've received from Memebox and it's by far the best. Happily I've wound up with a few ProYou products from Memebox and, so far, I've liked all of them.

While this isn't the best cleanser I've used, it's a good 'first cleanse' product that removes enough gunk than my 'second cleanse' product can really get in there and give my skin a good clean.

I do think it's invigorating and it feels like it removes impurities, so those claims are true. I don't notice any pore refining action (I'm not sure I ever have with any product!), but it does cleanse well and smooth the skin in the process. So yes, it generally lives up to its claims.

To use it, you apply a thin layer and then wait for the bubbles to form before massaging, adding water and rinsing off. The bubbling action is quite fun and, unlike the two other self-foaming cleansers I've used from Memebox, I actually feel that it's doing something towards cleansing my skin and isn't just for show.

Decent. I like it but I wouldn't buy it - not for $34USD anyway.

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