Marsk Certified Organic Eyeliner in Pitch Black - review


We received this product in January's Lust Have It women's box. As I mentioned at the time, we'd received a ridiculous amount of eyeliners from LHI in a very short time (and they were all black, no less), so I wasn't excited to see this product.

I probably wouldn't have been too excited anyway, since I don't wear black eyeliner anymore: I prefer brown shadow as liner because it gives a more natural, softer line that lasts better on my puffy eyes.

But I did want to give this a trial run because Marsk products give the appearance at least of being decent (I like the packaging) and I'm all for organic, plus I've decided to keep one of the 564 black eyeliners I've received from LHI and I want to test them all before settling on which one.

Marsk claims/product details:
  • Can be worn all day and all night and won’t slip off the eye (don’t you just hate it when that happens?)
  • Made from organic ingredients
  • Cruelty free
  • RRP $28.95 for 1.2g

This product is called 'pitch black' but you can see above that it's not a strong black, nor is it particularly pigmented. I don't mind that in theory because I don't like harsh lines, but I thought it was worth mentioning because if you're after a black black line, look elsewhere.

Oh dear. Look what happens after leaving this to set (which it never really does) and then gently giving it a wipe with my finger.

And of course, there's what happens on my eyes below. From the first blink, I'm wearing product on my upper-eye area because the line has transferred. Within an hour, the whole line had basically shifted and only the ghost of it was left, plus I had to keep wiping black shit off the upper-eye area.

Not what you want from a liner!

You'll see below that I've tried applying it to the lower waterline, which didn't really work. It didn't adhere well and left a very faint, uneven line that slipped off in all of about two seconds. Hmph.


Obviously this isn't the best eyeliner I've used, but sadly, it's also not the worst.

What really REALLY annoys me about it is that first claim above, lifted directly from Marsk's website: 'can be worn all day and all night and won’t slip off the eye (don’t you just hate it when that happens?)'


Not only does this transfer itself immediately and then over and again until there's nothing left of it, it doesn't stand up to application on the waterline and it's not that black/pigmented in the first place (so I think 'pitch black' is a misleading title).

It fares better if you set it with a powder, but not much - so I still can't use it. In any event, I'm far too lazy to use products that need extra work!

Avoid. This might be ok if you don't have puffy eyes or eg oily eyelids, but so many better products exist and this really isn't worth thirty bucks.

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