Scandalous Fabulously Flirty Dry Shampoo - review


We received this dry shampoo in September 2014's Violet Box. I realised last month that I've been so busy using up old eyeshadows as dry shampoo, that I'd been neglecting this one and it was time to move it back into circulation!

I'm super glad I did. Old powder products definitely work as dry shampoo but not as well as dedicated products, plus they can be messy and they're certainly not as easy to use as a spray.

Scandalous claims/product details:
  • Corn starch formula
  • Designed to soak up excess oil, giving a 'just washed' look and feel
  • Also cleanses the scalp, leaving three-day-old hair looking fresh and shiny
  • RRP $16.95 for 150ml


Look, I haven't used a lot in the dry shampoo department so I'm no expert, but I really like this product.

It definitely performs its function of reviving dirty hair and gives me a good two days extra between washes. That's precious time-saving when you have a newborn baby!

When it comes to using this, do watch out for the powder storm. It took me a few tries not to over-spray myself and wind up in a coughy sneezy cloud in the bathroom. But once I'd sorted out my trigger finger issues, this one went down a treat.

It does leave a white film of powder on your hair but you only need to run your fingers through it for this to disappear. My husband likes the smell (weirdo) but I don't - it's a bit powdery and musky sweet - though at least it's not too overpowering and disappears pretty quickly.

What I love most about it is that it leaves my hair looking and feeling shinier after use. I keep running my hands over my hair because I like how it feels so much hehe. The two other dry shampoos I've used before definitely didn't do that, so I'm loving this product for that reason alone. It also adds a bit of messy volume, which I think will be a plus for many.

Ticks from me.

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