'Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial Eyeshadow + Base in Ambrosia - review


We received this product in our November 2014 Violet Boxes and it's been one of those items that I've ended up reaching for more often than I first thought I would - the reason being that it works as both a colour product and also an eyeshadow base, and since I only own one dedicated eye primer, this has been a great alternative.

I received the purple colour, and while I would have preferred something more neutral (eg brown or bronze), I only need to apply a little of it if I'm using it as a base, so the colour doesn't matter anyway because it gets covered.

There's nothing wrong with the colour (it's a nice metallic purple that many will love), it's just not really me.

See swatch below, taken outside in natural light. Ambrosia is the line below (the above is another 'Tini product, the Swizzle Stick Eyeliner in Cognac, which I didn't like). I applied a medium amount of it, let it dry and then wiped it with my finger. You can see that it's stayed put.

'Tini Beauty claims/product details:
  • Say goodbye to creasing and fading
  • Revolutionary formula glides on and sets to a transfer-resistant finish 
  • Won't smudge
  • Doubles as a wear-extending base under powder shadow
  • Ambrosia is described as 'a glistening plummy mauve' (I think that's accurate)
  • Cruelty free
  • Wand applicator
  • RRP $23AUD for 4g

Above I've swatched it as I would if using it as a base (very thinly) and photographed it in direct sunlight. As you can imagine, it intensifies powder shadows without competing with them (unless they're very pale). See more photos below.

Above I applied it thickly and wiped it. If you apply too much and don't let it dry, it will shift. I've deliberately left the above photo out-of-focus so you can see that it does contain noticeable glitter. I personally don't like glitter products on me, but I can cover it with powder so it doesn't matter.

Above I've applied Ambrosia alone. I applied it on the lash-line and then blended it up while it was still wet.

Below I've chucked a brown shadow over it. You can still see it on the lash-line because I've applied it more thickly there, but not above it, where I've spread it more thinly.


As mentioned, I'm getting a lot more use from this than I first thought, mainly because I can use it in place of an eye primer. Because I like it and it serves a double function, I've moved it to my Project Pan list - I've also done this to make myself less lazy when it comes to applying shadow bases.

Leaving aside the fact that I wouldn't have chosen a glittery purple eyeshadow for myself, I'm really enjoying this product and I think it's decent. Indeed, when I've finished this I'll consider sourcing another one in a different colour.

First, you have to love an eyeshadow that can double as a base (so that claim is true) so you don't have to buy a separate eye primer if you don't want to. And I do think it functions well as a primer: it intensifies the colour of my shadow, and helps it adhere better and last longer.

Second, I love that this doesn't crease, smudge or fade (so those claims are true too), but it gives you enough time before it sets so that you can spread/blend it and therefore make sure that it's even and the edges aren't too harsh.

Third, yes it's transfer-resistant and it does glide on well. Plus it's long-lasting and I like the wand applicator because my other cream shadows come in tubs, meaning you need to use your finger or a separate brush, which I don't like - I much prefer having a built-in applicator.

Fourth, it's buildable - so you can apply as much or as little as you want. Some cream shadows are too thick, meaning it can be harder to get a subtle colour, but this can be applied thickly or thinly without issue.

Finally, this is a travel-friendly product because you can throw it in your handbag and it doesn't take up too much room (plus it removes the need for a separate eye primer), and you won't risk breaking it as you might a powder shadow.

Big ticks from me!

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