Valley Sous Hair Solution Protein Therapy Perfect Mist - review


I received this hair mist in Memebox Special #36 Meme's Pouch. My first thought when I saw it was oh no, not another hair treatment because I had so many in backlog (I've received a bunch in beauty boxes and it takes me donkey's ears to get through one), but this ended up being a favourite. Huzzah to that.

Valley Sous claims/product details:
  • Contains over twenty different kinds of protein and natural ingredients such as argan oil, rosehip oil and assai oil 
  • Delivers rich nutrition and much-needed protein into your damaged hair 
  • Restores elasticity and moisture
  • Perfumed with a fresh fruity musk fragrance
  • To use: apply either before or after blow-drying your hair
  • RRP $21 for 150ml


It's rare that I really love a hair product. My hair is dry and needs plenty of TLC - plus I like to tame the frizz and half-arsed curl I was (not so) blessed with using a hair straightener - but so many products either don't address those things properly or they do the job but weigh my hair down in the process. It's extra rare that I really love a Memebox product, but this one ticks all the boxes and I don't ever want to finish it!

It definitely makes my hair feel and look nicer, stronger and shinier. I was a bit nervous about the 'fruity musk' scent when I saw that description on the product card, but happily the smell is fine - quite soft and masculine and not overpowering at all.

Yes this product lives up to its claims and gives me sleek-looking hair that I don't normally have. I still need to add a bit of hair oil to the ends of my hair because they're drier than the rest of it, but that's no biggie.

My only tip with this would be: don't use it if you've just used a heavy treatment mask in the shower (as I had the first time I used it, and the treatment left a residue behind), or your hair might feel overloaded with product.

Huge ticks. I've given this an HG tag, and I haven't done that with any other hair product besides John Frieda's Frizz Ease, so that's saying something. Waaahhhoooo!

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