Savvy Soft Glide Eyeliner in Glitzy Gold - review


Every now and then you come across a cheapo pharmacy product that completely blows your socks off, and this did that for me.

And to think I only bought it because I had a Priceline voucher that I wanted to use and was after a gold eyeshadow, which I couldn't find in a good colour, so I went for this pencil instead. I might never have discovered this little gem!

More than this, Savvy is a DB brand and I really don't like DB products, so this was even more of a surprise.

Savvy claims/product details:
  • Highly pigmented
  • Metallic shimmer finish
  • Luxuriously soft and creamy 
  • Shelf-life: 24 months after opening
  • RRP $7.99 for 1.2g

Above I swatched it and wiped it on the right straight away. A few moments later I wiped at the rest of it and it didn't budge an inch. I've used eyeliners that cost five times as much that don't do that! My golly. Why spend $40 on an eyeliner when you can find something like this for $8?!


This little eyeliner is unbelievably good - even more so considering the price!

I can't remember the last time I've come across an eyeliner that stays put so brilliantly well. It dries fast and I've experienced no transfer, which is a god-send for those of us with puffy eyes. Normally eyeliner ends up everywhere due to the rubbing between my lid and upper eye area - it's so annoying. If only all eyeliners were like this one!

The product is super creamy and glides on like a dream. The colour pay-off is intense and bright, and only takes a moment for the product to dry and set - but it gives you enough time to blend/smudge it before it dries so you can create softer edges.

It's also buildable so you can get the level of colour you want. You have to work harder to remove it because it's so long wearing, but I don't mind that at all.

I seriously need to buy more of these once my beauty spending ban lifts. I hope they're available in non-metallic finishes so I can grab a good, everyday brown one.

LOVE. I've given this an HG tag : )

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